Top Twos-Day: I spy homeland security


We all know when we venture out of the house there are traffic cameras and anti-shoplifting cameras. In our homes we are aware of our internet search engine’s cookies, bots and others watching our computer cruising. So why not approach things in 21st century style, using that same technology web to protect your information? Tor Project offers just the thing. Unless you are a library and receive a call from the local police placing your program in jeopardy. Intrigued? There’s more.

The Library Freedom Act — well, go ahead and read it because you need to be informed.

See more about Tor’s Project which allows users to stay hidden while they browse, chat and purchase in spite of homeland’s powerful thumb pressing in on their program.

While we’re discussing big brother, some may be wondering if Amazon’s power really does reach into every home after Sunday’s power interruption. The Digital Reader shared their take on the shut down, “Amazon Web Services is the Amazon division responsible for hosting web and mobile apps. It’s distributed across multiple locations, and supports websites all over the world.”

Anything you wanted to do, “ranging from Netflix to Medium and Nest to Buffer and Pocket all became unavailable on Sunday morning.”

Not into any of those? Well, try a few of these for size, as the “crash also shut down Echo, Amazon Instant Video, the retail functions of, IMDb, Createspace, Mayday, and the Kindle Store.”

I wonder if those boys at homeland security were able to watch any episodes…never mind.


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  1. TOR was created by our government and military with taxpayers’ money. It’s been around and available for open use for some time. Now they don’t want anyone in the US using it….and if you do, they know and try to demonize anyone who wishes to use it and plant destructive cookies in computers remotely.
    Good idea to read all you can about TOR, Library Freedom Act. and Homeland’s reach/methods.
    What are they afraid of?

  2. Hi Roxie. This is a subject that doesn’t worry me or my two talking cats. I wouldn’t be surprised if HS set up this Tor Proj. and similar “secure” sites. So I’ll stay as I am. Have a lovely week my friend 😀 ❤

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