Where are you SEO Friday, Sunday Funny and Top Twos-Day?

vocal fry say cheese

On sick leave but still working…

Totally frustrated about an asthma attack I recently had, but that’s what happens sometimes – life gets in the way of my plans, lol.

For now I go around sounding like I’m one of those girls with fryed vocal cords. Or a 40’s film star who smoked one pack too many. Either way not an appealing sound.

In today’s meeting, my voice improved to a squeak. Prompting someone to pipe up and ask if I’d like a bit of cheese.

Back soon…



  1. Sometimes we can’t help the fryed vocal chord sound, as in your case. So sorry, Roxie. Hope the voice is all better soon. If you co-worker is offering cheese, order your favorite. Maybe include a favorite beverage to go with it. πŸ˜‰

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