To China in the Batcar!

Helen Keller quoteI’ve been absent, but don’t believe everything you read about me. Particularly a bank statement.

Yep, while I was recuperating from my bronchial attack, brought on from asthma, charges magically appeared on one of my credit cards.

Someone stayed at a hotel in China, enjoyed quite a few lovely meals, and ordered some housewares. And then requested a coffee in a Midwestern state.

Holy frosted flakes, batman! There was no airfare, nor breakfast on the bill!

Lovely light at the end of the tunnel: I haven’t used that card for almost a year, so I have both legs to stand on as I dispute these charges.

But oh, wow, what a mess! Definitely a writing prompt in here, and a good giggle down the road. WAAAAAY down the road.

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10 thoughts on “To China in the Batcar!

    • Omygosh, yes!!! If I didn’t keep my sense of humor, I’d be ready for a pillowed room! Tho’ right about now, flopping on some feathery pillows sounds dreamy 🙂

  1. Roxie, my husband and I had something similar happen, although our card number users didn’t have as much fun as yours. They ordered things online, purchased at Target in other states, etc. It took a while to straighten things out but our new credit card has a chip in it. It’s supposed to be more secure. Crossing fingers.

    Hope you get this all cleared up soon! Glad you’re feeling better and able to return to your blog.

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