Bugs, Eyeballs, and Teeth – oh my!


It’s that time of year when the chill in the air is more than just the temperature – it’s Hallow Eve – the most wonderful time of the year! We have permission to dress in costume, and embellish our houses, cars, even workspaces in tacky décor. We can be young at heart and no one will suggest we act our age!

No surprise, then, that I love shopping for uniquely themed treats to offer my door-to-door friends. This year, I found a lovely stock of gummy bugs, chewy eyeballs and crunchy teeth. Call me a hoarder because I snatched as many creepy crawlers and body parts as I could pile in my cart.

Yeah, I want to be the cool house on the block. The unassuming cat lady with well-groomed flowers and a gross green thumb sticking up in her yard, advertising caution to all who daringly trod on my sidewalk.

I won’t share snapshots of the exterior, I’d have too many tricksters show up, but I want to encourage all you givers to jump into the ghoulish spirit and offer your trick-or-treaters something to talk about long after the candy wrappers hit the trash pile.

Last year I gave out candy books, a DIY project for the kids to take and make. We added the project on the Sunscribe newsletter (read more). Check it out, along with other info I think you may find useful.

Happy Hallows Eve! Pass the fun 🙂



  1. Chewy eyeballs – oh, you will be the coolest house ever.
    Too much rain here for the normal spookiness outdoors – the decorations anyway…MOther Nature is setting the mood herself.
    Enjoy all the little goblins and princesses! Holler-Ring, holler-rooo!

    1. They sure whooped it up, found eyeball wrappers in my yard, too. Next year, perhaps a talking trash can is in order!
      Oh the rain is deep, pooling gardens, spreading rivers and disguising road potholes. Ready for beautiful sunshine!
      Stay safe, Phil!

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