Top Twos-Day: Jailbird


Freedom – physical, psychological – it’s part of our human nature. What happens when we experience limited liberty? Who’s to decide? Is it subjective?

I’ve seen several interesting articles that have stiffened my resolve, sharpened my senses and caused double takes. Here are this week’s top two:

Locked out of Apple Read – some customers have had significant access issues as they attempt to read their Apple books. Does it have anything to do with the antitrust case? Rumor has it that, “Apple will be forced to pay $450 million as part of a settlement with class action lawyers and state district attorneys, with $400 million of that amount earmarked for consumers.” Read the full story at MacRumors.

Speaking of reading ebooks, if you missed it, a previous Top Twos-Day post (read) touched on DRM-free content and security data embedded in ebooks, and in our Sunscribe newsletter this month, we discuss what to do when someone uses your work. View the October inSCRIBE. Which is a great segue to the next point: copyright.

Wonder what’s happening with intellectual property and copyright protection? See where one presidential candidate draws the line and check out Wikileaks latest rulings via a press release here.

Want more? Top Twos-Day topics to choose from…

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