Top Twos-Day: Turtle Doves?


Ever made holiday stockings? Way back when I was a young mom, and our house was filled with kids and animals, visiting friends and family, we decorated stockings for each pet and guest.

The only pet we didn’t have was an indoor bird. Had doves, and turtles, lol.

Over the decades, I made hundreds of stockings, some quilted, pieced with felt, lace dressed, fur-lined, plain and plaid.

roxiewriter pet toe stockings


One year I saw this idea for a toe stocking and it stuck! Not only did we make them for ourselves, but I shared the pattern with the kids’ sewing class that I taught.

Ahhh, those were the good ‘ole days. Glad to have pics…um…well these are new pics because I kept the stockings. Oh yeah, I so did!

If you made holiday stockings, have you kept them?

If we miss each other over the next few weeks, I wish you a two-riffic holiday season!

Roxie signature pic insert



      1. Hi Ralph! It has been so long – yes I am much better, and hope to be back very soon. Putting together a post now, maybe up Monday. Slowly, steadily, I am moving, not the jack rabbit I used to be, lol!

        1. .
          Hey Roxie. I didn’t realise that things were that bad, BUT, hey you are on the mend and that is the most important thing. I am looking forward to reading your next post, let’s see what you got 😉 ❤

          1. Hey Roxie,
            Glad to hear that you are feeling better. Pace yourself in this brutal heat, my friend. Hope we get some more rain.

            Working on the final draft of Uncle Sumpter. Will keep you posted.


  1. On your toes with this one. Beautifully done. Sure to be cherished
    One of the reasons I’ve been absent from blogging is that there were new stocking to make! Beads.sequins, fur – designs for each personality! Well, part of the holiday tradition. (and yes, I have the ones I made my parents a long time ago…kept those). Oh, my tired eyes.
    Hope your Christmas is merry and bright!

      1. Roxie,
        Thanks for responding to my comment. Our grandsons would probably get a good laugh if they knew the backstory. That gives me an idea. Maybe my niece would try them on just for fun this Christmas, since her mother wore them years ago. She probably would model for us.

            1. Many thanks Linda! BP is down, other things are healing and maybe soon I won’t feel tired all the time, lol. Best wishes for a lovely holiday for you and your family.

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