My NPR Car Donation

I love words.

Twist them. Splinter them and create new ones. A virtual DIY lover’s dream. My absolute favorite word is contribūnation. Emphasis added for pronunciation.

Contribute (give) and donation (gift) smashed into one.

Any time I can practice giving gifts, I do.

In June, when I recognized my car was unresuscitatable*, I knew I’d contribute it to my local NPR station. The entire seamless process proved I’d made the correct decision. And then the email tax donation receipt: it was worth $1600 to them!

WFAEIf your car is ready for the hereafter, please consider passing it on to your local public radio or TV station. Google the location near you, search their site for vehicle donation. Take 2 minutes to fill out an online form, and you’re done! They arrange pickup!

I have one recommendation. If you’re a receipt kinda gal, like me, and need tangible evidence when you hand over your title, here’s my suggestion: print out your email confirmation from NPR for said tow truck driver to sign. The guy who picked up my car cheerfully obliged.

A few weeks later, when the car sold at an auction, I received the dollar donation notice. It’s tucked in my accountant’s file because it’s the best kind of contribunation: taxductible*! 🙂

*Yeah, another splintered word. Shall we count them? Nahh…

What words do you twist or splinter?



        1. Totslly been there and done that! I abhor car payments, and buy used (rescued, lol), so mine usually are d-e-a-d when they quit.
          Be safe, that’s the most important.

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