World Recipe

Are you watching the news? Hearing about turmoil in the world, the US, neighboring states, even your hometown?

Nature-made floods, earthquakes, and tornadoes tug at our hearts. Man-made bombings, shootings, even political battles assault our senses, cause us to choose sides.

What kind of world are we living in?

In the words of Mary C. Curtis, speaking about Charlotte, NC, in her interview on PBS Newshour (September 22, 2016), we are living in “an integrated city where we can live a segregated life.”

Are we comfortably complacent?

A movement, begun generations ago, needs to continue, in the form of generous random deeds, quiet rescues, and momentous demonstrations.

But, I hear you. What can one person, perhaps hesitant, uncertain, or fearful, do?

What if…we use words, the best tools we have, to change the man-made chaos.

Of this I am certain, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” –Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


I’d love for you to join me as we work together to write a World Recipe.

The ingredients are kind words, deeds and uplifting examples. I’ll add your comments to tweets, (join me @roxiewriter) and we can share our recipe with others there as well as here.


What a kind world we live in____________________



  1. Speaking of chaos, I just have had many workmen in my home to paint my den and living room, etc., get rid of dead rot under the roof awnings, a new painted patio and garage floor. Today I have gotten new carpets for my 2 bedrooms and den and a lovely new kitchen floor. However, my world is turned upside down. Perhaps it will help me be more organized, declutter, and simplify my life in the long run.

    1. Wow! Donna, you’ve had a lot going on. Poor Billy Boy, his world is crazy, too! Don’t forget, with all the new in your house, your friends should come by for a party, you know, break it in, lol!

  2. In the midst of a nasty presidential campaign, I’m constantly reminded of how important it is to be respectful of each other and non-judgemental. Also, I would like to see a world where cooperation is valued over competition. We can cooperate to make our planet cleaner and be less wasteful. We should live with what we have and be grateful for that, instead of the mania of constantly buying more stuff. For those who have little, cooperation between leaders, nations and communities can help those people attain a comfortable (not luxurious) lifestyle.

  3. Roxie, I strive to put myself in others’ shoes and not judge. EVERYONE and everything deserves respect.

    I think it is important to fight the fear of what is strange to us. It is so easy to say, “MY way is the right way. Those who are different are evil and dangerous.”

    Just because people do things differently, doesn’t make it wrong. In fact, that difference is what makes life so rich. We should just embrace difference despite our fear.

    Thanks for giving us a chance to think about a very important issue and share.

    1. you are sooo right! life is richer because of our differences. many times i’ve seen beauty and inspiration due to another’s perspective. thank you for your life nuggets, i’m adding them to the tweet bank and recipe i’ll post here later.

  4. When a friend or relative is in pain, has lost a loved one, is ill, or celebrating, I send a card with a long message of care, concern, and love. I believe such old fashion communication, be it letters or cards, serves as a special agent of healing.

  5. There is a constant struggle going on these days, for power, economic gains or simply for a reputation. The whole human race has got institutionalized in this setup of which greed and hate is the only true progeny. This, in turn, has clouded the values that a human is supposed to have, compassion and love. It’s time we rediscover ourselves.

  6. Yes – great idea.. For me it is to ‘listen’ to those in your close environment and really hear what they are saying so that we can try and influence a change of mindset and engender a belief that a small stone creates a large ripple.. We need to spread the ripple effect of positivity! x

    1. So important to listen, yes, I’m reminded of what I was taught in elementary school: two ears, one mouth…
      A ripple, good visual, keeps the positive energy moving. Thanks, Wendy!

  7. Well the opposite of chaos, is order. To me, order can also imply an outside force trying to exert control, of course, order can also apply in a different unrelated positive sense. I think the biggest problems we face is a lack of empathy, understanding and tolerance. We should not fear people that look and believe differently than we do.We should embrace and accept all, and try to come together as one, without the attitude one is better than other. We are all humans living on a planet that is facing serious problems, we need to co-operate and learn to live and work together to improve our lives.

    1. Perfectly stated! Totally agree. If we cannot cooperate, we will become extinct from our own passivity. Decades down the road for sure, but we have too many divisive polarizing issues on this planet… Appreciative your thoughts.

      1. It’s just good to know that there are people that have their eyes open, and realize that there are problems that we need to address, and soon. We all live on one planet, and what takes place in one part of the world, has affects on the rest. It’s just so crazy, and it doesn’t have to be.

  8. Each time your eyes meet those of another – whether it be family, neighbors, or strangers, SEE THEM, let your eyes be encouraging, let your heart flow with warmth toward them, let your lips state that you wish them peace, let your face smile at them – and ask them to pass it along! xoxo

    1. Beautiful, Claire! Exactly like you, lovely thoughts, lovely spirit, lovely lady! You make an excellent point when you suggest we request they pass it along, very important, indeed. (((Hugs)))

  9. Environments vary from place to place, region by region. Seems to depend on level of diversity and length of time that diversityhas existed. Might help if we all went back to no labels and all were equal. Individuals not insisting they are extra special, but each having areas they are talented in (and recognizing no one is or expected to be good at everything) and things work best when people find the area they can shine and be sucessful. All work is honorable and doing your best at whatever the task used to be common thoughts.
    MLK would probably be shaking his head.
    To change the chaos?
    Random acts of kindness. Treat others as you wish to be treated.Take care of your family, then your neighbors, then your community, then spread wide…if all did that, well, it used to work.
    Many must be mulling that over. (and I write this as an active shooter is about 3 blocks from my daughter’s house.)
    My attempt, yesterday’s thoughts, in today’s post.

    1. OMGoodnessgracious! active shooter? *deep breaths* I do realize there is no one fix-all, just want to focus on some good, and what things we CAN do to make a positive impact. I see two taka-aways from you: (1) All work is honorable and doing your best at whatever the task, and (2) Take care of your family, then your neighbors, then your community, then spread wide. Precious truths that I believe bear repeating. Thank you, Phil!!

      1. Shooter down. Now the investigation with FBI here and, as usual, it will be revealed that there were warning signs about mental illness or rage …but people were afraid to say anything…and then some people think violence is an acceptable solution these days.
        What part of “killing people is wrong” is not understood? (Would be nice if ALL adults stood up and said that loudly. Frequently) That and “it’s really possible to agree to disagree and still be friends and get along.”

        1. Been down that investigation road before…
          they’re both truth, and we can shout them from rooftops, which is precisely why I wanted to ask for words aka a world recipe. I’m tweeting and quoting comments to shout on social media. Share too, on your social media.

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