Post Party Syndrome

Last Saturday, I attended my two year old grandson’s frog-themed birthday party. Friends and family gathered to play games, eat treats and shower him with gifts.

A few close family members were unable to attend. My hubs was out-of-town, my father-in-law in the hospital, and step mom-in-law bed ridden from her recent surgery, but they virtually joined, by either skyping or phoning in their birthday wishes.

On my drive home, I pondered the day, and vaguely listened to radio chatter about the upcoming presidential election.

And then I felt a mind lightning bolt! Who will wake up on Wednesday, November 9 and have huge regrets for not casting a vote the previous day?

One look around the world and I’m reminded how important our right to vote is.


To my American friends: the major parties are heavily campaigning, one of those candidates will be elected President. If you’re considering sitting this election out, please don’t.

This platform isn’t a place where I talk political leanings, but I will ask that you vote.

May I ask one more thing?

Will you leave a quick comment, a sort-of commitment that you will vote by participating in this get-out-and-vote party?


51 thoughts on “Post Party Syndrome

  1. Hi Roxie 🙂
    Off topic as I am English and living in Spain. I do hope that Matthew didn’t effect you too much.
    My laptop is being repaired so I am pecking on a tablet. Yuk !
    Hope you didn’t drive home in a frog costume 😉
    Hugs. Ralph ❤

    • Ha, nope, no frog costume. Matthew dumped rain, but not like farther north in North Carolina coast. they are suffering. Gosh, I hate that you’re stuck without your laptop. But there is a bright side: you can still hunt and peck on a tablet. 😉

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