Windchime Down

‘Tis time to batten the hatches, ready the yard for winter. Autumn is here.



Fall is different than the other year’s quarters. Vibrant oranges, rich reds and lustrous burgundies dot the landscape.

Like spring, the word has double meaning. We often refer to bed springs, water springs, and a quick movement springs to mind. 🙂

But fall? You drop. Fall down. Stop. No measured movement.

That’s not really true, is it?

As we migrate indoors, preparing for cold weather, there are dozens of things to do. Transfer plants inside, ready our yard furniture, pets, and landscape. Sweep, clean, and paint anything remaining outside to withstand freezing temperatures.

My Pinterest boards are filled with inspiration. BTW, if you haven’t joined me there, please come on over, I’m pinning at this link as theroxiewriter.

This past weekend I scrubbed the birdbaths, deconstructed the garden, and removed the windchimes for their garage hibernation. Then I scraped spider webs off chairs and tables. Although the latter I usually leave until after Halloween, for the full effect, lol.

Once done, I sauntered into the garage, stashing my supplies and discarding my yard shoes. Ah, another weekend well spent. I inhaled a great dose of pride.

Then my feet skated on wet floor. In my right hand, the windchime spun, threads wrapping effortlessly around wrist. Bamboo doodads dangled, beads clinking against my arm.

My left hand broke my fall, but didn’t save the rain gauge. I pitched that puppy so the glass shards, ceramic bird parts and mosaic tiles scattered like cats in a room filled with rocking chairs.

On the cement floor, I landed, stunned. I wiggled important body parts to be sure everything was intact. Then a giggle rose, perhaps from my toes, as they viewed the rest of my body. Fall is HERE!

My laughter reached hubs, entering the garage in time to exclaim he thought he heard glass breaking.

Which set me on another laughing spree, because I imagined he said, “I thought I heard a putty tat.”

I still don’t know why he might have said that. Yeah, no, sorry, don’t have a picture of me sprawled on the floor. See, I can read your mind!

We surveyed the mess, and traced the source: water spraying from the water heater’s connection pipe. Within minutes, we had a plan to attempt to save the sheetrock, since the culprit butted up against the living room wall. We sighed, as yet again we were facing possible insulation, carpet, and furniture obliteration.

If you’ve been hanging out here awhile, you’ll know that dadblasted water heater has been the bane of our existence in this house: one issue after another. The latest unit, replaced in 2012, busted a pipe in 2013 flooding our living quarters, then the heating element quit middle of coldest February 2014. Insurance and warranty still stand by this thing, though I’m ready to kick it in the bolts. 🙂



Anyway, we redirected the waterspray away from our living room wall, repaired from the 2013 break, and then called the plumber. Yes, he returns calls on Sundays. A true historic gem, he’s not on social media, doesn’t use email, and only accepts cash and checks.

He’s been our go-to guy for the whole decade we’ve been in this place. So, you say, how did we find this business dinosaur? I asked my car repair peeps, if they had a plumbing problem, who’d they’d call. An old fashioned recommendation. Sans website testimonial. Or Yelp review.

Obviously I’m okay with that, although the drawbacks are huge, the rewards still tip the scale in favor of my plumber, at least for now.


How do you find repair help, and would you use someone without email, website or social media?



  1. Water heaters…don’t get me started. My laundry flooded…water heater cracked. Then after it was replaced…the guys who installed must have sliced the pipe…it finally gave way…water all over again! What a mess….all you can do is smile and go with it!

            1. Oh heys no! *standing with hand on hip, wagging finger at it* “listen mr appliance, this behavior is completely unacceptable. Keep this up young man and you will spend time in the corner!”
              I’m so sorry, kelley!

    1. Hehehehe! yeah, I thought that too, but we roll with the punches.
      Omygosh, I wish your water heater resurrection power, keeping it running helps, lol.

    1. Me, too, lol!
      We pieced what we had in the heat of the moment, once we realized the coffee can would require emptying every 20-30 minutes. Always open for suggestions, from great minds, as there will, unfortunately, be a next time.
      Happy fall to y’all 😉

    1. Right? At my ripe ole grammy age I need to protect my hips. Yoga and running pays off, and humor, the funny bone has preserved me in many accidents. 😉

  2. We live in a condo that was built over forty years ago. It is well kept but…we needed new faucet handles in both bathrooms. After calling several plumbers and being told, the wall has to be ripped out and the pipes replaced, because none of the faucet handles of today would fit the threads on these old pipes. The pipes were not leaking so we decided to live with the drips. Then a miracle happened. My hubby frequents the hardware store, it’s one of his favorite places. He came home one day and told me that the guy in the hardware store mentioned a plumber just down the road that has serviced our complex since it was built. Hubby went there explained what was going on and wala he could fix the problem. He arrived and within an hour everything was working beautifully. The bonus? His prices are reasonable and he has a inventory of all parts needed. No more dripping faucets.
    The moral? Good thing come to those who wait. :o)

    1. Perfect! Ohmygoodnessgracious we lived in an old house prior to this one snd had nearly the same experience! I love that you all weren’t freaking out over the drips, good for y’all!
      I see another benefit to your lifechoice: always wander where the feet lead, and let the friendliness flow. I applaud you!

        1. Very true. The silver “dollars” in that rain cloud…that’s what it is, right? It all comes down to smart money, my opinion stands, cause it really sounds like my house, now, lol!

    1. That’s totally valuable, Linda! So you’re a word-of-mouth person with backups! Priceless 😉
      Hope you won’t need any service calls for a long time.

      1. One electrician friend from the local school system called to check on me during Hurricane Matthew. It doesn’t get much better than that.

        Recently, I asked a lawn and garden shop owner (both sons worked there while in high school) for a recommendation for grading my yard to help with a drainage problem. He gladly gave me a recommendation. Often, all it takes is asking someone you trust.

        1. You’re right, it makes such a difference when we know via a friend, who’s coming into our home. Such an important fact nowadays. So did your lawn grading go well, and are things okay?

          1. Round one of the grading is done. Round two begins in November, I hope. My front yard and dirt drive needed ditches dug out and the yard sloped to help water to flow off us. It is a tricky thing to get right. Not cheap either! I am pleased with the improvements made so far. Thanks for asking, Roxie. You’re okay!

            1. tricky sounds like an understatement, Linda! omygoodnessgracious I hope it stays dry so you don’t have a mudpit. No, bet it’s not cheap, do snap pics, you’ll be glad you did later. Oh, hey, is any of the improvements “home deductible”? Sometimes work can be. fingers crossed that this is the case for you… 😉

  3. I would totally use someone without all the modern credentials. That’s the sign of a good old fashioned worker who only cares about getting the job done. We’ve gotten all our work people from referrals from friends. The best was when a plumber showed up and I recognized him from our church. 🙂

    1. Super! Referred workers mean a great deal to me, but not the “endorsements” I see online. I bet you’re ready to share your experience when someone asks you for the name of a repair person, lol.

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