Readers Created #World Recipe, Anything Missing?

What if…we use words, the best tools we have, to change the man-made chaos.

Of this I am certain, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” –Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


On September 25, I posted a request for a “World Recipe”. From that I compiled a list of comments* that can be summed up as the BEST recipe I’ve seen.

Many thanks to contributors, amoralegria, AIC Communication, hootie67, truebluemonk, Wendy, grevisangel73, icclaire, philosophermouseofthehedge, boundlessblessingsblog, mittflorg, check out what they’re saying using the links on their names.

I invite you to repost and share this wonderful RECIPE – for the WORLD.


Gather these ingredients, amounts will vary as individual situations merit:

Fight the fear of what is strange, embrace difference despite fear.

Try to come together, without the attitude one is better than other.

Listen to those in your close environment and really hear what they are saying.

Be respectful of each other and non-judgmental.

Each time your eyes meet those of another – whether it be family, neighbors, or strangers, – see them.

Influence a change of mindset and engender a belief that a small stone creates a large ripple.

Cooperation is valued over competition.

Things work best when people find the area in which they can shine and be successful.


Blend with above ingredients, using copious quantities:

Everyone and everything deserves respect; treat others as you wish to be treated.

All work is honorable, do your best at whatever the task.

Show values that a human is supposed to have, compassion and love.

Let your eyes be encouraging, let your heart flow with warmth, let your lips state that you wish peace, let your face smile.

Practice random acts of kindness; spread the ripple effect of positivity!

For those who have little, cooperation between leaders, nations and communities, can help people attain a comfortable (not luxurious) lifestyle.

Take care of your family, then your neighbors, then your community, then spread wide.

Communication, be it letters or cards, serves as a special agent of healing: send a card with a long message of care, concern, and love.


Yield – these truths:

We all live on one planet, which is facing serious problems; what takes place in one part of the world, affects the rest.

It’s uplifting and inspirational being a part of a community, and we can agree to disagree, and still get along.


*I copied and lightly edited thoughts to fit into a “recipe format”, you can view the full comments on the post here.

Our predecessors bequeathed the foundation. With our open-hearted contributions, we have a beautiful WORLD!





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