Hoppy New Year!

Recently, my grandkids, aged 2 and 3, spent their first sleepover at our house. After hauling the air mattresses, specialty food, carseats, pullups and diapers, hubs and I knew we had a challenge ahead.

We already had a full stock of toys, fit for a classroom of toddlers, so entertainment wouldn’t be a problem. Our stash includes doubles, as the kids like to play with the exact same toy at the same time.

Smooth sailing. 🙂

And it really was. The kids were phenomenal.


Their favorite toy was the camper, with cricket sound effects. Oh wait, maybe it was Dora’s house, or the Little People’s car track…

Yes, their attention span for each was about ten minutes, but who cares, the joy on their faces was well worth the mess. They hopped from toy to toy as if they were speed playing.

Best part: the clean-up song. Oh yeah, we sang the “Deck the Halls” tune and chose words to suit as the animals, vegetables, minerals and such piled into their respective home corners. ‘Twas as much fun to pick up as mess up!

The sheer delight of grandparent land is knowing that I can live in the moment. To forget about time, life’s pressures, responsibilities. To watch experiences through their eyes, from the giddy giggles to the tender frustrations.

Later, after we waved our goodbyes, we popped open champagne and collapsed onto the couch. Success was ours, we had hosted our first sleepover, and lived to tell about it!


As we turn the page on a new calendar year, I wish each of you joy, as you hop from activity to event, and back.

And may your days be filled with child-like wonder.




  1. Happy New Year, thanks for some excellent posts which I have just discovered.

    I’m looking forward to hearing all of your thoughts, news and comments through 2017.


    The Cat

  2. So glad you had such a wonderful time with your grands, Roxie. They are lots of fun and the memories will sustain you when you miss them bunches – as you will at some point. Ours are now a bit older, and we have to make appointments in between their other activities. May 2017 see you hosting the little guests many more times.
    BTW, a sleepover requirement at our house is next morning French toast made with my secret recipe – a drop of vanilla and a splash of orange juice, if you want to know.

    1. I believe you’re right, Sharon, we will schedule time, and then maybe there’s the “oh, do we have to go see those boring grandparents” whine that will surely happen as they hit their teens.
      Thank you, and to you as well, many happy visits in 2017! which may include french toast with your secret ingred. sounds yums, thanks for indulging us!
      Happy New Year!

    1. Yup, right there with ya, we hunkered down with our laptops, comforters and kitties, oblivious to anything! Glad we aren’t the only worn out grandparents, lol!

  3. Hoppy New Year dear Roxie. I am so pleased that you had a lovely time with your grandkids and, after which, relaxing with a bottle of champagne. Cheers, and have a wonderful 2017 my friend. ❤

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