Some Snowflakes Are Not What You Expect

As I write this post, we, in the Carolinas, are under a winter storm watch.

I saw that eye roll! You’re thinking, good gracious alive – or something not so kind – what type of winter can happen in the southern US?!

Like in other parts of the country, we’re aware of the time to buy bread and milk, and when the weather folks are teasing us with nonsense reports. Yeah, go ahead, join me in a giant eye roll!

Anyway, there’s a cold pressure line aimed squarely on us, with moisture. See, one plus one equals snowwwwwwww!!!


So, as I keep one ear on the news, I heard NPR play an interview with David Priess, who served under both Bill Clinton and George W. Bush as a daily intelligence briefer.

According to Priess, it is up to the President to determine the amount of info he would like to hear. Priess reminisced about tidbits formed into snowflakes, or short snippets for the Commander in Chief to digest daily.

So, Priess surmises, it will not be difficult to adjust to the Pres. Elect’s 140 character style.

Aha, take that you Twitter creators! You are not the first snack-bite security morsels dished up for daily chow!


The interviewer switched to the sales pitch for Priess’ book, and I reached into the corners of my mind: snowflake…why is that joggling at me?

That’s it, right there, in my mind’s photo pet gallery, a cutie patootie hamster. Nope, sorry, not a picture exists. 😦

Our second mini fur ball, who survived the dreaded disease, wet tail, was SNOWFLAKE!

You are correct in assuming something about wetness and the area, it’s pretty nasty. But, Snowflake pulled through, with twice a day antibiotics, and lived to a ripe old age of 2 ½.

Perhaps I can apply the knowledge from treating him, to now, as changes occur in Washington. Dare I say, we can survive if we take an antidote, and even thrive, if we plan?

It’s no secret I didn’t support Trump. And swallowing the “let’s just wait and see” pill is way too large for me to consider right now.

However, I am taking a daily dose of kindness, in the form of your words, posted before the election, here. Huge thanks again, for those comments!


Do you have a plan to get you through the next few years?

How about your “snow prep” plan, what’s that like?




  1. Snowflakes can melt hearts and nurture sleeping flowers even though they would prefer the summer warmth.
    Winters come and go. While waiting I plan to look around in a 10 mile radius and work to make life better there – having long realized all you can really affect is what is close at hadn’t or right in front of you. …If everyone just took care of their own 10 mile radius, things would become better.
    That and learning to phone, write in your own hand your own words, and walk into elected representatives’ offices with a solid, factual 3 minute request in clear language with desired outcome – totally devoid of any emotionally charged generalities, and words…yep, that’s important, too…along with civil discourse, recognizing and respecting the Loyal Opposition, and agreeing to disagree and still be friends.
    The sky shall not be allowed to fall. Snow? we’ll dance in it….Oh ok we’ll drink coco by the fire.

    1. 10 mile radius – I like that, perfect plan! Ohhh and what a superb idea: a 3 minute request! Oh geez! This is gold, how you are changing your circle is inspirational! I’ve got lots to do next snow storm. Thanks!

  2. I have had the pleasure of being in North Carolina on three occasions if my memory serves me right. There is NO doubt in my mind two of those times it snowed. (The other time was May…I think even we in PA are safe at that point…) This was in the mid-seventies so I’m positive the emergency response is much improved from then (?)…but it was indeed a true emergency for the Greensboro region each time I was there and it snowed. Once early March, one late March. Schools closed. Streets vacant…except for the snow of course. We’ve barely had any snow (couple inches) in the Philly suburbs all winter. On this day a year ago we had 20 inches in one day. I’ll take paper over frozen water any day!

    1. Hmmm, I doubt we’ve improved our snow responses since then. 😦
      Though we know it’s coming, inevitable inclement weather shows up yearly!
      There’s still time for you to receive more snow, lol

  3. Stay in Canada and support my friends south of the border in whatever way I can.

    We’ve had snow on the ground for a week here, 20 to 40 centimeters, and possible snowfalls for the next week or so. I’m loving it! 😀

  4. Snow prep: Build an igloo. Crawl inside. Wait for the thaw.

    Four years? FOUR YEARS? We need more than kindness – we need common sense, intelligence, and thoughtful guidance.

    Four years – I’ll start cutting paper snowflakes.

    1. Excellent idea, Sharon, build a fort from paper snowflakes! Yes, perhaps we can all sit together, for the next four years?!
      You raise a good point, though I’m not sure where we’ll find those three important qualities, they seem extinct, particularly in the DC area…

      1. It must begin in public schools with a curriculum that teaches kids to develop critical thinking skills and have access to facts and information – not, however, alternative facts.

        Always good to visit your blog, Roxie.

          1. Oh goodness gracious – standardized parenting – where would we begin? And I will tell you that I could have used some advice in that area when sons were young. Still, I think Roxie could have done a better job than some of the parents I met over the years. Not doubting that they loved their kids, but some had a deficit of parenting skills. I’m shaking my head.

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