Jumping to Conclusions about Hooker’s Green

You should see what the March winds blew into our yard! After a huge wind gust, our neighbor’s trampoline bounced into our fence, taking out a section, plus bird feeder and blooming daffodils!

Fortunately, the wood post snagged the trampoline, and suspended it till the storm subsided and we removed the metal carcass.


After a quick new neighbor introduction, they promised to take care of whatever we needed to right the mess. Reminds me, Ralph (from BlueFishWay – read it if you dare!) has a different neighbor situation, and god knows I don’t need that type of reaction from mine!

The curse of three, my last post, may be returning? Three, six, nine. Like PaperPuff hinted. Uh oh, maybe three more on the way? Gosh, I hope not 300, Sharon! 😉

So, here it is, two weeks later, fence repaired, bird house replaced and daffodils rescued.

Nope, not even the whole story.

Skip this if you are squeamish or believe broken glass brings bad luck…just look for the =^..^=

Hubs and I are DIY kinda peeps, so naturally we told our neighbor, “Just reimburse us for the materials, we’ll pick up the supplies and take care of the labor.”

Eh, hem, shall we say never again?

At Lowes, while loading the 11 foot fencing rails, my hubs slid one of those pretties right into the windshield. Of his less than a year old hybrid baby. The entire ride home, we reassured ourselves that our stupidity was temporary, and not a sign that we needed padded rooms.


How about we jump to the next scene, at home, about two hours later? Hubs has unloaded the car, and we’re gathering debris from the yard. I discover a broken 12 x 12 tile, which we used underneath one of the birdbaths, for levelness.

Ever the rescuer, I bring the pieces inside and begin brushing the mud off them. Doesn’t work so well. They need a true bath, in the kitchen sink. Yes, I did, sliced the top of my finger, taking a large section of skin off and nearly fainting at the sight of all the blood.

Hubs bandaged me up, recalling his EMT training. We keep all such medical bandages on hand. Saves long emergency room visits for sure! Since he was inside anyway, he put in a quick call to Safelite to schedule a windshield replacement, and we were back on track.

Okay, enough about that. We look forward, don’t dwell on the past, yadda, yadda, yadda.

=^..^=  Read on from here if you skipped previous part, lol.

The next day, while hubs worked in the yard, I spread my paints in the kitchen to choose the colors of my current DIY, a paint makeover project for my grandkids. Kelley, this one’s inspired by your child’s rocking chair post.

I snagged an old school desk and two mismatched chairs, months ago, and now I was on a deadline. I promised the kidlets I’d have them finished before their next visit, and they were coming for another spend-the-night weekend in five days!

I’m crazy about color, love nature’s palette, and keep the earthy tones theme throughout my home. Yet, Sydney wanted pink polka dots, and Liam wanted blue stripes. Not quite a blend with my small home décor.

As I considered options and perused colors, my eyes landed on one particular name, Hooker’s Green. Um, don’t think that’s what I want. Can’t put my finger on why not… 😉


Anyway, you can see how they turned out, a throwback to the 1970’s avocado. For the desk that doubles as a plant stand, I decided stars would be dominant, and added polka dots and stripes as secondary design elements.

Then I carried the stars look to the chairs, but really played up the kids’ color choices. Enough pink and blue to keep ‘em smiling. They loved it!

Speaking of smiling, my awesome neighbor dropped off a check, reimbursing us for the trampoline damage. Renews my faith in fellow man.

Any amens out there? Break your windshield? Have a trampoline story? Or a DIY gone awry?



    1. Very true, kim! I’ll add in the number of times I had to replace the silly bandage on my finger as I painted, lol.
      Life’s always changing, really appreciate your visit!

  1. Oh Noooo ! “Spring” came early to your garden then Roxie. Glad you’ve got great neighbours who really put themselves out to fix things.
    Thanks for the ping-back. Pedro (whose car was the one with the stabbed tyres in the linked post) did exactly the same as hubs last year, loaded the car with long pieces of wood and cracked the windscreen. Insurance paid up.
    No more of these Redneck party posts my friend. I know what really happened 😉 heehee.
    Hugs. Ralph xox ❤

    1. aw shucks, you caught me, Ralph! Redneck party stops now…
      or maybe tomorrow? Definitely next week. yes, next week!
      Poor Pedro, although I’m happy to hear we’re not the only ones who’ve had a lapse of judgment.

  2. I’ll just give you an amen since I don’t have any of the other stories to share. So great that your neighbor was great about it all. And cool that you’re into diy. I’m so not crafty, so I bow to your expertise. The table and chairs look great.

    1. Thank you, hey that’s good, may your neighbors always keep their yard stuff in their own space – my new proverb, lol.
      Lucky gal, the DIY habit usually costs more than buying one new! 😉

  3. Wow, that must have been a shock to see the trampoline in your backyard. I’m relieved to hear you could fix the damage yourself, and your neighbors came through with their reimbursement. Love the table and chairs. I have a grand baby too (age 7) who would like those. You did GOOD!

    1. thanks! yes, I muttered something definitely NOT for young ears when I saw the trampoline, lol. We took the stance that we would bring them the bill, then ask once, in a week’s time. If they didn’t reimburse, well, just the price of neighborhood peace. But they came thru! Which is why I wanted to share the story.
      Yay, I really appreciate your compliment!

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