Do Patriarchal Societies Prefer Bullies?

Missing: the art of negotiation. Can this be why patriarchal companies are attracted to Trump’s business style?

A few thoughts from me, unaffiliated with any corporation, agency, media conglomerate, or other outlet.

In 2016, I noticed the rise in violent verbal lobs, together with belligerent bullies, appearing to coincide with the pre-presidential election hubbub.

Now, in the midst of newly installed President Trump’s first six months, confusion’s trickle-down effect reigns supreme.


Many feel an ugly taste of regret. Should that move us into action?

If you’ve been hanging out with me a while, you’ve probably read about the readers’ #WorldRecipe. On chance you haven’t seen it, I welcome your feedback, here

Perhaps you viewed the viral news, earlier this week, about United Airlines removing a passenger from his seat on a Chicago departure flight? Check out the Washington Post article…

Image from Washington Post – screenshot

We can review the scenario ad infinitum, but my question is, Should passengers have walked off that plane refusing to participate as bystanders, when that passenger was forcibly removed?

What have we come to in our civilized society, when people stay seated, and livestream an event?

Would a walk-out, from all the passengers, have been in order?

It was just one incident. Not really my business. Right?




  1. United Airlines has done one bad thing after another. They’ve booted people off their flights more than this one very public event. As I think back to the two really awful flight experiences I’ve had, (I wasn’t booted but other awful things happened) I realized they were both with United! I know it’s not the actual topic of your article, but it’s a sidebar. I will never fly United again – they are the Mafia of airlines. I can’t walk off that one flight but I can choose not to patronize their company – and I do.

  2. I hope that I am wrong, but all the signs are pointing to a dictatorship running your country. A president surrounding himself with yes men and the military. He is egoistic, probably narcissistic (as I believe does wife is not want to be with him), confuses everyone and doesn’t care about anyone except himself. I will not be surprised to see a takeover of the Senate, an attack on NK nuclear test site possibly as soon as tonight and a clampdown on your country’s population. As I said, I hope I am wrong.

    As for United, another brick in the wall for building a 1984 scenario.

    Changing the subject somewhat. Happy Easter dear Roxie. Have a great one !

    Big hug. Ralph xox ❤

    1. me thinks there’s too much truth in your perspective. sad day for us, and shame that cannot be hidden for the rest of the world to see.
      thanks for weighing in Ralph, it’s good to hear what those outside the U.S. are thinking.
      on the upside, it’s the weekend, time to relax a bit, have fun!

  3. People are now afraid. Afraid of offending someone and getting slammed. Afraid of getting embarrassed /looking foolish and being slammed virally. Afraid they, too will be dragged from their seats and being treated as roughly as the ones they observe. As one analyst commented people were confronted with the realization that things are totally out of control and they are helpless.
    Some did get off the plane and refuse to fly. Realistically the aisle was full of violence and there was not room to get until he was dragged off. I would have not felt comfortable with the hype agitated crew/atmosphere and gotten off. There’s always another flight.
    The smartest action was to put that video on social media. (Keep the internet free. Sorry, it’s important)
    United treats it’s pilots and employees badly and as a result get poor employees who are overworked, with attitudes. The insurance company will pay off and people will forget and United will continue – although they get what they deserve. For a long time I flew weekly for business and got fed ups with United for many reasons. I will not fly them.
    Bullies. Wish that was one of the words banned for the year.
    We have a large Syrian population who have protested for years on the streets and are now thrilled with the airstrip bombing. Immediately afterwards, their spokesperson – a tall elegant young woman – applauded Trump for finally responding to a “bully” . Wrong word. The Syrian leader is not a bully – a mass murderer and many other nouns, but “bully” simply lightens his actions. English is her 1st language. Her vocabulary is better than most – and everyone needs to learn more nouns to accurately speak apparently. “Bully” while emotionally charged and a call to action has practically lost meaning.
    I think we are at the end of an era here: from hunting gathering to agricultural, to rise of cities and manufacturing opening into the digital age. Each age mandated certain qualities/characteristics in a person to survive. I’v known and worked for many hyper aggressive bosses (men and women – that Queen Bee who adopted behavior to succeed) and for a while it’s what it took to make progress in society/business. Attitudes, jobs, goals/cheered achievements have altered and as generations die off, the ones coming up will be different in attitudes.
    I’m not going to be run over, but I do give older people something of a bit of latitude as I keep them in context of their world/upbringing. People need to lighten up, keep perspective (like what difference while it make in 100 years?) and learn to work around difficulties. It can be done. There’s enough stress in life.
    We are lucky here that we are free to choose. We can move from place to place – from group of friends to group of friends – to job to job – as we wish…and the presidential term is only 4 years and it is scheduled and orderly (and the ordinary citizen’s day to day life doesn’t really change all that much) – and we don’t have to resort to violence to change it. As stable as you can get in an unstable world. Not every place is so lucky.
    Great post – lots to think about! (sorry about the length)

    1. We are lucky here, totally true! thanks for sharing it does matter, orderly thought exchange, like our elections, are granted to us as citizens. Many forget our country has been an experiment in democracy. And such, we need to adjust as we learn. Let’s keep talking, walking our talk when we can, and moving (forward) in a progressive way. Always appreciate your insights, Phil!

  4. My first thought when I saw the airline video was different. My thought was this guy is an idiot. Why didn’t he negotiate a better deal instead of making a spectacle out of himself. Or…did he expect to get something big out of it. As for those live streaming? Idiots too. They weren’t willing to do anything that required real effort. More negotiation on both sides would have been better.

    1. Yes, I agree that the art of negotiation is lost. My point…we’re too violent of a society. Precisely why no one wants a good dose of discourse.
      Appreciate your thoughts, exactly why I want to talk, to listen, learn and share! Thanks, Kate!

  5. The longer I live, the more I am utterly dismayed in the way our society acts.

    I also don’t understand the folks who defend Trump ad infinitum, no matter what he does. The comments I hear locally are “I don’t know why some people are complaining. He’s not been in office long enough to have had a chance to make his changes.” OR “I saw a ‘T’ in the sky. It either stands for Trump” (as in God condones Trump as president) “or for the cross” (the cross of Jesus) OR “I wish the Dems would shut up for the next 8 years.” In the part of the country I live in, there is no ugly taste of regret. Trump can do no wrong no matter what. He could rape someone, and the local citizens would find a way to be okay with it. And I think this is why I was recently snubbed by a local group of women, even though I never once said a word to them about politics.

    As for Dr. Dao, I sent a message to United Airlines telling them I would never fly with them even if they offered me a free ticket. I keep my word.

    Yes, a walk-out would have been in order. But I’m weird because I actually follow through with these kinds of protests.

    1. Yay! I am inspired by your follow-through! These are vital days, when we need to decide what we’ll do, how we’ll respond.
      I feel for you about the area you live in, it’s strange how many people see what they want to, and explain or blame others to comfort themselves.

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