To BE or Not To BE: Married – That Is The Question

Love is in the air! The month of May marks the beginning of wedding season.

And the marriage invitations are coming my way, both via email and snail mail.

But I’ve noticed something. Two out of the seven invitations are not the typical youngsters starting out on a lifelong journey together.

Love is in the Air – Wedding Invitations Arriving!

Rather they’re from folks who’ve found a partner in their retired-but-not-from-romance years.

Hub’s dad remarried after his mother passed. My father did, too.

Studies have shown that men remarry when they have had a good relationship.

True? I don’t know.

Come to think of it, maybe I read that in an AARP article, perhaps even the one with Bruce Springsteen on the cover?  🙂

Hubs and I reviewed our calendars, and budget, to RSVP.

Then it happened.

His uncle’s invitation was on our anniversary! Yikes!

A Wonderful Quote on a Lovely Invitation

Second marriage for him, he’s in his eighties. Quite a big deal since 60 years passed in between marriages.

Oh, what to do?! We started discussing possibilities.

Do we spend that day with others, celebrating a new marriage? Or do we take our planned trip, just the two of us?

Of course, we got a bit side tracked, reminiscing about our wedding, 30 years ago. It’s a big number for us.

So, we’re weighing options, and that’s our official RSVP, for now.

Any thoughts, and/or advice from your experiences?


  1. I must be a prime example of your post dear Roxie as I got married in April 2018. I’m 71 and Natascha is 38. I would recommend marrying at my age as it definitely works for me. 🙂 ❤

  2. I’ve wondered about what I would do if I was single again. After all, I think many want a companion in life.

    Regarding your dilemma. Tough situation. I recall missing our nephew’s wedding because we had an anniversary trip already booked (cruising the Baltic) … he was ok with our decision to go on the trip.

    1. Hey, Frank, that’s good to know. I appreciate you sharing that, helps me weigh options. Really seems tough, but down the road it’ll look like an easy decision, I’m sure. Thanks!

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