Reintroducing…Top TwosDay: Forget Facebook, You Have Big Brother Problems!

In the past, my Top TwosDay posts were about writing and all things surrounding a writer’s life. I am happy to bring back this feature, and broaden the topic to those things I think may be important to all – bloggers, voters, two-legged and four legged family members and more!

sharpen those nail for battle
Top Twos-Day is BAAAAACK!

Today’s Dose

Newsbreak: One Million Volunteers Wanted – Apply Now!   All Of Us, The National Institutes of Health site, here, seeks your DNA deposit. Their mission? “…accelerate health research and medical breakthroughs, enabling individualized prevention, treatment, and care for all of us.”

Concerned about privacy? Oh, no worries, this is the government!

From my college biology book – sorry for the sad copy. 😉

BTW, did you hear that a long unsolved murder/rape case is allegedly solved using an open-sourced DNA site?

Indeed, police believe they nabbed the Golden State Killer responsible for brutal rapes and murders spanning back to the 1970’s. More from the Washington Post…

Surprised by the detectives using this tactic? Well, you probably missed this 2015 article from  about using collected DNA

Didn’t commit a crime? Then you shouldn’t be worried!?

Besides, it’s your DNA, belongs to you, right?




What information do you want to hand over to others?

Facebook has your phone, email, and birthday numbers.

Uncle Sam has all that, plus your social security number.

What’s a few alphabet letters among friends?

The facts about your DNA ownership from The DNA Geek.

Speaking of friends. Let’s add neighbors, and explore what if…?

Nope, don’t have to. This one’s true. Allegedly a neighbor called police due to a disturbance.

You may have heard about this story: Two Officers Tased a Naked Man in his own Shower. This is my headline, not the “official one”.

If you have a moment, I implore you to read it. I linked to the Journal Sentinel here:

DEAD MAN’S DUMP – Man born of man, and born of woman,/ And shells go crying over them/ From night till night and now./ ~Isaac Rosenberg

Before you read, here are some story quotes, emphasized by my underlines.

”Two police officers who broke down a mentally ill man’s door and tased him in the shower…(the home,)“…known to officers as a place that housed people with mental illnesses, according to police reports…will not be criminally charged.

“He spent some of his last conscious moments vomiting profusely…” The District Attorney “concluded there was ‘no basis to conclusively link’ the death…to the officers’ actions.

What do you think?

Can we do anything to change events like this, and others, from occurring?

One thought, your local DA may be up for re-election.

 If not, will you be watching and taking notes of the current DA’s tenure?

One voice, one vote, one change.

More Top Twos-Days…

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  1. Not so brave in this new world. Wary is the word – as well as worry that it’s too late. (Always watch the “fuzzy” /emotion tugging /comforting language of NIH, researchers – of which I was one, and the “generous”, “benevolent” companies like…)
    Ditto on your idea to focus on local/county/state elected officials – those are the places where residents’ impact/concerns can motivate the fastest change for laws and regulations…and hold people accountable.

    1. Indeed, wary, because caution is our friend. Good idea, the language is important, many woo, then play down importance, and then apologize after. Three denials and then we find out all along a company was not so generous. Ha, money, more money and most money – I hope we can move local electors down the road to national spots, and rid ourselves of lobby groups. vote em out! anyhoo, thanks for your thoughts, let’s get out and campaign for our favorites, plz people!

      1. One additional note: schools here were given permission to sell student info/data back in the ’80’s. Parents need to realize that all those answers/responses they put on those first of school information sheets that are sent home are also covered in that permission…number of adults in the home (and their gender), home language spoken, education level of each adult, sometime social security numbers, hereditary background, economic levels …all sorts of info. Parents might want to look for the tiny opt out of sharing box and read all the fine print before they totally fill out those forms with info not necessary for the school to have other than emergency/medical concerns. It is not illegal to leave blanks.
        Yeah, I know the identities are “safe because they assign a number to each”….but I also remember the panic in the research group/think tank the morning we came in and realized we’d been hacked and that there actually was a previously undetected way to match real names to assigned numbers….hysteria – total hysteria as we had handled personal data for the nation’s public school children from preK to college/adulthood for years…
        The hackers were after the nano guys down the hall, but stumbled into us – and all that data.
        Hard to catch the horse once the barn door is open

  2. All the DNA heritage sites look like so much fun and so innocent. Not for me because they might gather and sell information about my children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren. Who knows that companies might profile those whose genetic background includes predisposition to pancreatic cancer, Alzheimer’s, bipolar disorder, or any other disease or syndrome.

    And what about the potential identity mistakes, like, we didn’t really know this isn’t you but someone with similar genetic material. The whole situation is overripe for strict regulation.

    Thanks for promoting this cautionary tale, Roxie.

    1. Your concerns are absolutely valid, Sharon. We know from Facebook’s data “breach” how wide the issue of privacy affects us. It may be more of a “Brave New World” than we know. Thanks for weighing in! 🙂

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