Sunday Funny: Mother’s Day tattoos?

My daughter, when she was younger, perhaps 7 or 8 years old, penciled this card/packet for me. It’s like a newsletter and magazine in one.

I kept all of her cards, coupons and stories. Because they are handwritten, I can hold them, remembering the day, the hands that created them and truly appreciate their value.

All the “I’ll do this for you” coupons she presented are still intact, I never wanted to separate them and lose the memory. Funny how kids suspect that, particularly as they get older and opt to include more chores!

Happy Mum’s Day to you all!

Pardon me while I take my time machine back a decade or two. I’m on my way to get a tatue at the family festival. Y’all just carry on. 🙂

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  1. Best Sunday Comic Ever! I can’t wait to see the tatue you get! What a wonderful post for Mother’s Day, Roxie, you made me smile and laugh out loud. Your daughter is as inventive and observant as her mother. Happy Mother’s Day to you.

    1. Awe, thanks Sharon! Highest compliment, that you laughed, appreciate you saying such kind words, too – I am inhaling that goodness!
      Ditto, happy day to you!

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