Sunday Funny: Tomato Steaks

It’s probably been more than twenty years since I first encountered a tomato steak.

Hubs and I were walking into the grocery store and he asked if we needed any tomato steaks.

Of course, if you’re not familiar with them, you may wonder what they are, as I did.

Interested, I began imagining this steak, round, red and large, like a tomato.


He was talking about the support forms for growing backyard tomatoes, in this case, wooden dowels.

After a few minutes conversation, we figured out that we were poles apart. (How could I pass up this pun?)

Isn’t that the way? A quick mention, as we walk into the store, turns into a hilarious exchange.

Now it’s a joke, whenever we pass dowels, hubs will smile and ask, “Hey, we’re out of tomato stakes, why don’t I pick up a few?”

I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day Sunday and enjoy some grilled steaks, of your choosing!

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Thank you, VETERANS, for your service: we honor you and the freedom you preserve.


  1. Gotta know what you’re talking about – and gotta know what the other guy is talking about also! Thanks for the giggle.

    Please tell Ralph how much I enjoyed the video clip, though British English is difficult for me to understand. Still, it was hilarious. Reminded me of the Abbott and Costello “Who’s on First” skit.

    1. Indeed, communication funnies make the world go round! Appreciate you popping over to see Ralph’s video mention, he’ll be tickled to know you giggled!

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