Sunday Funny: Double Dependability


A few posts back I mentioned that hubs and my anniversary was upcoming. Was a Sunday Funny then, too, come to think of it. No, my memory fails, it was an OMG-what will-we-do moment. You can read it here if you’re interested.

Anyway, as the 30th weda-versary slides to the back of our mind bus, I wanted to share a funny with you.

Because we like greeting cards, those sentiments that are way over the top, phrased unlike we’d say ‘em, we often give numerous ones on our special occasions. This year was no exception.

We passed each other our respective envelopes; hubs opened his first.

A huge grin planted on his face, followed by a small, but distinguishable guffaw.

I was thrown off, because I took special time placing a tacky but large number 30 on the front of the store bought card. Nothing to laugh at there.

He became silent, motioning me to tear open my envelope.

I immediately saw why he was amused. We’d bought the same card! Sans glitter, because his didn’t have the number on it.


Fast forward to lunchtime, and another passing the envelope ritual. This time we opened them simultaneously.

You betcha! The same card again! We almost – and for our age, almost is as good as doing it – rolled on the floor with fits of laughter!


Once, twice. Could we match cards a third time? There were still two more exchanges.

We gathered our giggles into a light chuckle and agreed that no, probably not again, as we let out the secret that each of our cards had the relevant, “To my Hunk Husband” or “For my Gorgeous Wife” gushes on them.


What a delightful change in our enjoyable card tradition. 🙂

Have you ever received the same card, or given a duplicate?

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please note: I mean no disrespect to those who write lovely worded greeting cards, our funny bone was tickled and as usual, I write about it…


  1. Obviously no question you two are meant for each other! Actually Rick and I did match cards once but I can’t remember which special day – could have even been Easter or Valentine’s Day. But it was funny for us too. Happy Anniversary!

  2. Funny story, and glad you’re both laughing. But I’m wondering if you can you top my blunder?

    I hate overly mushy cards and go for the ones with few words but just the right artwork. I figure if hubby wants to read a novel, he can read the one I’m writing, right? So, he opens the anniversary card I’d given him and reacts with sour face, like a lemon exploded in his mouth. And finally I read the ENTIRE card, the one I’d given him – which says, “TO MY WIFE.”

    Yes, now I do read all the words carefully before selecting a card.

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