Top TwosDay: Southern Living

If you’ve self-published a book, you may want to read about this encouraging turn of events for author Kathy Izard. Her book, THE HUNDRED STORY HOME, will be released by Thomas Nelson, an imprint of HarperCollins.

Izard is a guest on the podcast SOUTHBOUND, hosted by Tommy Tomlinson, who’s no stranger to fine writing as he was a finalist for the 2005 Pulitzer Prize.

Discover why Izard wrote her manuscript and why she’s passionate about helping the homeless using the podcast link here.

Speaking of excellent writing, do you ever wonder if today’s youth will pen some great work, given they spend much of their time on social media?

I’m optimistic! From where do I draw this enthusiastic outlook?

Let’s step back to the Laurel versus Yanny debate. If you’re unfamiliar with it, check out the story at The Verge.

How did this disagreement begin? After a bit of digging, from sources including the New York Post, I discovered that a student was listening to the word pronunciation and didn’t hear the word she saw in front of her, the one she looked up.

LAUREL     laurel  laurel   laurel

yanny   yanny   yanny   YANNY

Here’s my excited flag: While the rest of the world looks at the differences we hear, I want to say kudos to the student who looked up a word and bothered to listen to the pronunciation.

A learner! From one Georgia gal to another – you go girl!             

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  1. So that’s how it started. Isn’t it funny what can get people so intently focused on above everything else? Is it “I’m worried I only see/hear this and everyone sees/hears that so there must be something wrong with me”? Or just fascination with the weird? Anyway people’s reactions are so funny.
    Kathy’s book sound interesting – want to see what she’s discovered on that topic. Such a crime people in this country are homeless. This idea that seems to be spreading nation wide about having high school kids (many intros area lost homes from the flooding) learn content area information in the context of building a tiny house that will be given away – hands on and using knowledge means it is actually learned and utilized in real life. Kids learn skills that will become useful in their own home as well as learn the joy of giving/helping others in need get a hand up, not a hand out. Now if schools will also go back to teaching basic auto shop, too. Years ago, kids actually reconditioned/rebuilt cars and made them run – more complicated now with computers, but still would be smarter instruction perhaps.
    Love the links! Thanks

    1. Must be the fascination with weird. Yes, in h.s. they had shop, kids worked accomplished things that they had created, proudly powered by their own hands. We need to rethink education. Come to think of it, we need to revamp quite a few things – outdated for industrial future instead of technological. Including how we view the homeless. Looking forward to how her idea catches fire and spreads. Thanks for your thoughts glad to hear the links are helpful!

  2. I’m deeply impressed by Kathy Izard’s project to create housing for the homeless, proof that social problems can be overcome. Her focus on finding solutions is impressive.

    That’s fascinating about the sound differences. I clearly heard only Laurel even when I closed my eyes and reduced the volume. But I also struggle to understand the words on English and Australian language TV shows, though I think the writing, acting, and stories are superior to American shows.

    1. Me, too, Sharon, she’s quite determined.
      I have the same trouble with British and Australian tv shows, often turning the volume up, lol! Yep, even heard only laurel, too!
      I appreciate your thoughts 🙂

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