Friday Thoughts: OMG, Like Me!

Do You Like Me?

OMG, yes!

Um, like, NO!


How do you answer that question, particularly when it’s an email subject?

This isn’t the first time I was asked this question. Waaaaay back in elementary school secret notes inquired about friendship allegiance and boyfriend prospects.

But I digress, for the real reason I mention this is, I started thinking about political candidates. And the way they stalk us, as voters.

The robo calls are underway, the pamphlets are flapping in the wind, the radio and television airwaves blurt pundit possibilities, and the internet is overflowing with political posturing.

What if a ballot just asks, “Do You Like Me?” with two boxes, a YES box, and a NO box.

And why not play around with the order. Sometimes the NO box is first, and then the YES box.

Mix it up a bit, to ascertain if people are observant. (If the Sock Fits, Put a Shoe on it! Was another mix-it-up idea of mine – if you missed that one, read it here.)

Since I’m clearly dreaming, let me throw down another idea: make town hall meetings about the people. More switch ups.

Seat the everyday Janes and Joe’s on the stage talking about what needs to be done. Fill the audience with the candidates. Remove NO from the table and see what compromises come to light.

Right after the inauguration, I shared about a book I’d read, by Bob Burg. He pointed to the high road filled with WIN-WIN situations.


We sure could use some YES – YES scenarios. My book recommendation is in the post …Today’s the Perfect Day to Step Onto the High Road…

Oh, I know, that won’t work, because there are too many of us and too few of them.

Hmmh, what did I just say? We outnumber them?

My thoughts, today. Hope they’ve generated some of yours.




  1. A little honesty here? And the politicians are involved? Would I love a council where I got to sit at the table and the suits could crowd on the folding chairs. The arrogance and deception of the elected ones who forget who votes for them – but never forget to hold out their hand for money – blows me away with disbelief. Even at the very lowest level of leadership – the board of our homeowners association – once a suit is elected, they think that was their purpose all along. No responsibility to anyone. Their cologne doesn’t cover it.

    Roxie, you always get it and you state it so clearly. Do I love you? YES!

    1. OMG Sharon, that’s so true, suits, we need to replace them with skirts, lol! And their cologne doesn’t cover it, hahahahahaha, I’m on my way to vote in our primary, and that’s just precious!
      oh, you are the sweetest, I’m trying…so grateful for your comments, Sharon!

  2. I enjoyed how you took me back to those “Do you like me?” notes. The downfall of Sears is sad, yet predictable. And to think they had a chance to be Amazon before Amazon existed.

    1. Hahaha, good times, Frank, when we texted with pen and paper!
      I’m afraid many companies missed the boat, you’re right about sears.

        1. me too, Frank. Love buying a new pen, journal pad or book. OMG I love back to school time, an excuse to buy office supplies, on sale, of course!

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