Friday Thoughts: Pick a Peck

My yard is quite small, but over the years, I’ve crammed countless plant varieties together for an herb, flower and fruit garden. Or some such resemblance of a garden. 🙂

Today I was harvesting oregano, when I saw a pair of goldfinch in my border trees. Occasionally we are treated to their presence, but these birds prefer open fields.

As I watched, the couple swooped onto my fence post, then took turns landing on the tired sunflower faces next to the feeder. They reached upside-down to pluck a seed, or three, then returned to the pine perch so the other could snack, too.

How marvelous nature is!

What wonders are in your backyard?


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  1. Nature offers much, then it requires one taking the time to notice. Well done!

    We used to have a wooded backyard that was very pleasant – but now we are in a condo … but with a great view for sunsets.

  2. We get a lot of finches and cardinals, jays, catbirds, etc. Maybe it’s because I have 4 feeders, a pond and a birdbath for water. Full star resort here! Great pictures.

    1. nice set up, I bet the crowd empties those quickly! and a pond, what a delight! I’d love to have an area big enough, enjoy!

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