Friday Thoughts: Smoothie Sailing

Forget meal prep, I’d rather not be in the kitchen, except to open the freezer, lol. Oh yeah, that temperature’s “real feel” is 105°!

Food and I don’t get along very well. We started out on a bad footing, with food allergies, and well, I’m a mess.

So when I find something yummy, that is healthy, I usually preach about it to anyone who’ll listen.

Fresh fruit, to me, is better than candy, and I’ve been pairing up different fruit and vegetable smoothies.

When I mixed pineapple, peach and chia seeds, with a generous handful of spinach, I found my sweet treat. For perfect blending, I never use ice, but frozen juice cubes, and enough pure mango juice to puree.

This is a great time to mention I am not an affiliate, nor do I recommend any particular site. However, I found this helpful website, Cancer Cures and Support.

When I first dove into smoothies, I used kale. Now, I’ll alternate, but my go-to preference is spinach.

I found an interesting chart on Pinterest. It’s been pretty handy as I experiment.

Do you smoothie? What’s your favorite?



  1. Roxie, I love this simple chart for putting together a great smoothie every day. If you add a dash each of tumeric, cinnamon, and ginger, you’ll get anti-inflammatory benefits as well. Thanks for the reminder how easy it is to do something good for my body – I forget that chocolate is not the only thing that satisfies.

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