Sunday Funny: No, Really, Smell It!

Much has been said about our United States Post Office, but this time they hit it outta the park! No more creepy ice cream truck prowling neighborhoods. Think postal truck…selling scratch ‘n sniff stamps! Here’s the link.

Have your treat but don’t eat it, these scratch ‘n sniff stamps will satisfy any dieter’s craving! Oh, if they weren’t peel and stick, the delicious tasting possibilities would be endless!


Which reminds me of when I was a kid and people mentioned mysterious LSD laced stamps.

So, fast forward to 2020 and allow my fictional mind to project what the post office has in store for us:

Vending machines where cannabis scratch ‘n sniff stamps are available, either in double chocolate brownie flavored, or oatmeal raisin for the health conscious. We are now taking applications for a franchises, as long as it is not near a school.


Just my idea, please feel free to share yours!

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If you’re a writer, you may like the DIY post called Scratch And Sniff – for writers? A bit more fun, lol.

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  1. I loved the eclipse stamps that changed from the moon to the total eclipse when you touched them. Also, the Forever stamp idea is genius – so much better than scrounging for 1 cent stamps to stick all over an envelope to bring it up to current rates. Now all we need to do is WRITE REAL LETTERS. My kids laugh at me because I refuse to text nor will I read them. I write letters and thank you notes, so may be looking for these stamps soon.

    Let’s hope they don’t make sniff stamps to promote vaping.

    Please, Roxie, warn me that reading your blog may make me hungry.

    1. hahaha! Go Sharon! I’m with you on letter writing, and sending cards. had a heartattack paying $10 for a book of stamps, but then remembered how precious it is to receive a hand written note.
      I missed the eclipse stamps, great idea! the p.o. can stay relevant if they think out of the envelope, um box, lol.
      i’m so sorry, i’ll put a warning on the title – may cause excessive hunger, hehehe!

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