Top TwosDay: Nah! I’ve Got One Thing On My Mind

I bought a new dishwasher, and the lovely appliance sits, all alone, in a storage bay, waiting for my plumber to install it.

It’s due at my house today. But it’s pouring rain and the lights are flickering. As thunder cracks, I imagine one of two scenarios:

The plumber shows up, insists that neither rain, nor thunder, nor death of electricity will deter him.


The plumber just doesn’t bother even calling to reschedule, never shows up and enjoys a brand new dishwasher.

Sirra’s look sums it up.

She’s miffed because all the kitties have to stay in another part of the house, doors closed, so they won’t make a mad dash out the door as the dishwasher moves in.

What are you waiting on this week?


  1. Actually on line looking for one of these…even after selected, dreading the day of installing which means braving the kitty stare and declares as you shut that incarcerating door…
    Hope it’s all shoved in and running happily…the dishwasher, too!

  2. My new ergonomic keyboard … which arrived an hour ago and I’m typing on and it’s amazing and my wrists don’t hurt and I don’t know how I lived without it and I keep missing the keys because some of them are different widths and, and … 😀 … … its a Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000 (which is just about the most wankiest name for a keyboard I’ve ever heard of!) but is it ever cool! 🙂

    Hope your dishwasher’s all good to go now too. 🙂

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