Back From The Gravel

Hello my friends, Hello…

I recall a song or two beginning in

Such a sweet way. Now National

Poetry Month is nearing end, Hello!


It’s me.

If you don’t recognize me, I understand.

It’s been so long. Way too much time

Between our last hello.

Water, splashed, splayed and rose under

many bridges since I was here. Clocks

swung forward, reversed themselves, and then rightly

became untimely.


Yet here I am, same as you, wondering

what the hell’s heck’s going on with health care

and the economy.

When. Do. We. Stop. Worrying.



For what we’ve lifted into our lungs

 may be deadly.


It’s criminal

How some behave and others

Turn their attention

To toilet paper and frozen chicken gone

From the store because no one

Can have just one package. Ten stand

In storage in case they need

More. Always more.


To you, my friends I wish

A hello and a sincere thank you for

Visiting on somber times, more pleasant

Ones peek through that silver

Cloud. Although we’ve no

Glimpse of the cumulus, only

Nimbus skies ahead, we hope,

We know, it will arrive when

we need it the most.



  1. aloha Roxie. and welcome returnings. yes. upside down world. how strange to see this time on the planet. i hope you are doing well. safety, lightness, ease, joy, laughter and peace on you. be well. rest, dream and walk with beauty all around you. and have fun, at least a little every day, even in the strangeness of this time in so many ways. aloha rick

    1. And to you, I read on your site you are recovering from surgery. Strength and peace to you my friend as you walk the recovery path.

  2. Hello Roxie! Good to see you – and thanks for sharing your poem about these crazy times. Loved the line that they need one but take ten. So true. I went to the grocery this morning and get lucky … so
    lucky I probably should buy a lottery ticket! Actually came home with two small bottles of hand sanitizer and a 3-pack of disinfectant wipes! Woo hoo!!!! Meanwhile, and most importantly, stay safe.

    1. Hey Frank! yep, dang shame you didn’t play the lottery, lol! Thanks, good to be back. tough times behind me, sure to be more ahead, and who knows what a post-covid world looks like.

      1. I still got time to play the lottery today! After all, tonight we eat take out … so I have one more trip out. Crazy times for sure. We could be on alert until there’s a vaccine (which take a while), The other day I was wondering about what life was like during the polio scare … but didn’t research it. Hang in there!

        1. good point, play and if you win, don’t spend it all in one place! 🙂 Oh gosh, that’s a great idea, relatives had a scary time back then!

          1. I know it was scary … and there’s got to be documentation on the web … and I keep thinking that was more scary than this one – but that’s a guess.

            1. perhaps, tho’ we of this generation haven’t gone through much health-scare issues. I remember duck and hide for nuclear drills, ack, I’m showing my age!

            2. Good point … and I’m right with you …. and getting the polio vaccine sugar cubes at school.

            3. Can’t do it without the vaccine. Meanwhile, I look forward to the anti-vaccine complainers.

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