Gnome Stands Alone

How’s home life for you, amidst the pandemic? Are you missing family gatherings?

Home, for hubs and me, means no visits with the grandkids. While they are healthy, and we are as well, it’s just too risky for us to meet in person, hug their necks and smooch grammy kisses all over their adorable faces.


So we’re getting creative. Visiting by pictures, phone calls and social distance nuances that many others are employing. Two of our favorites are Marco Polo and Zoom.

One of the best ways I’ve found for talking daily to the grandkids is playing “I Spy” with the toys stashed at our house. I stack miscellaneous items for a group shot, then scatter them about, inside, outside, even upside-down.


Snap another picture, and send the picture pair to their mom so they can hunt the things at their convenience. Sometimes she’ll call as they seek. I get a kick out of them discovering “live” as they spot the toys.

Recently we started another game: What’s different in each picture? I take a picture, then move a few things around, snap another and done! The kids compare the photos and enjoy seeing familiar stuff from our house.

How are you staying in touch with loved ones?





  1. What good ideas! It is hard not to be able to play. We’re playing it safe right now even though this state is open. Just too much conflicting info and uncertainty,
    We’ve sent cell videos of birds singing in our back yard (how many different songs can you hear) and “can you see the lizard?” But the oldest is still pretty little ( and missing his preschool friends) and the newest we haven’t seen in person yet (Arrived just before the COVID peek influx at their hospital/city. Whew)
    He and I do belt out Twinkle Twinkle quite often – followed by many giggles on both sides.
    So now we are really sorry we didn’t take buying that small motor home seriously!
    Gnome matter what happens creativity wins the day!
    Take care and cheers

    1. I love that! I’ll take birds singing over my singing any day, lol. That’s a great idea though. So hard when distance separate our hugs.

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