Top Twos-Day: Amazon scores, Independent Bookstores secure lead

Reality is better than fiction: they know readers’ buying habits, collected info for years, and now they’re handpicking stock.


Sunday Funny: cooking the books

Like cooking and reading? What about playing word games? NPR’s Ask Me Another’s recent podcast offered a sweet break from the norm. (Read previous Sunday Funny mashups.) Here’s a taste for you, “Laura Hillenbrand’s 2001 nonfiction book about a legendary championship horse reveals why he ran so fast. Waiting for him at the end of […]

It’s who we know

Many thanks to Sunscribe team member Annamaria for connecting us with her friend Micki. Micki had three display bookshelves she wished to give to a good home. Annamaria,  who knows my rescue reputation,  immediately contacted me to see if Sunscribe could use them. You bet we can! Shoutout to Micki for her generosity and willingness […]

No napping here! “Notice and Stay Down” Provision

On Friday The Authors Guild published an open letter (a text-free PDF, no less) that calls upon Congress to amend the DMCA and replace the existing notice and take down setup with the notice and stay down setup that has been proposed by the “let’s break the internet” crowd.