Dear @realDonaldTrump, today is the perfect day to step onto the high road if you desire to unite and lead us. #WorldRecipe

Do you journal? What did you write this week?


Top Twos-Day: Domain

“Ah, but all is good now, tongue in cheek, cause Bezos will direct the market, set the standard and blow competition out of the water. My only concern is how he’ll handle one world Amazonation.”

If you’re in the South, why not stop by?

I’m getting ready to speak at the South Carolina Writer’s Workshop (SCWW) Intensive on May 18, 2013. If you’re in the area…

Spotlight: Teen Phenom T.L. Spencer

The initial development of Blood Prophecy started when I was sixteen. Though I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was eleven, for many years it had been controlled with medication.

Top Twos-Day: Bonus Contest and Best Of 2012

Giving a book for the upcoming holiday? What to be trendy or unique? Discover…

Originally posted on Figments of a DuTchess:
My sincere apologies. I don’t usually post twice a day, but this video was sent to me by a friend – thank you, Saskia! – and I just have to share it with you all. Now don’t despair. Trust me and watch until the end…

effective editing: Three – challenge, compare, and contain

Some things you’re watching for are: punctuation, subject/verb agreement, consistency of voice, consistency with point-of-view and formatting, plus word choice. Remember the beefing up you did when…