Someone’s talking about MONEY

What’s been your work experience? And should I ask if you had/have a nickname for your immediate superior?


Update on Sunscribe

As Sunscribe launches, I wanted to share a few places where you can read more…

Top Twos-Day: Sunscribe and Freelance Opportunities!

Are you interested in freelance editing? Find out more here. Artist, illustrator or digital graphics your specialty? Information and details…

Top Twos-Day: 3D Standards

Have you noticed the trend in photos? Realism enhanced? Or is it re-retouched?

Special Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving a day away, I am filled with awesome gratitude. My associates…

Top Twos-Day: Fire and Ice – Amazon and Self Publishers

  I’m holding my feet to the fire this week, meeting all attempting to meet my deadlines with this “new normal” schedule. One of those is to start blogging again. So here goes, two important publishing news items to cross my desk. First, many are picking on Amazon, and I won’t say it’s not for […]

Top Twos-Day: Domain

“Ah, but all is good now, tongue in cheek, cause Bezos will direct the market, set the standard and blow competition out of the water. My only concern is how he’ll handle one world Amazonation.”