Is Your Legacy Fact or Fiction?

We make a choice, take a step. Each step builds our legacy. What does your legacy look like?


Top Twos-Day: Domain

“Ah, but all is good now, tongue in cheek, cause Bezos will direct the market, set the standard and blow competition out of the water. My only concern is how he’ll handle one world Amazonation.”

If you’re in the South, why not stop by?

I’m getting ready to speak at the South Carolina Writer’s Workshop (SCWW) Intensive on May 18, 2013. If you’re in the area…

Please Pass Me a Publisher

Name known by scarce few, (and if you divulge, well, they’ll be no champagne for you at the party!) to be revealed asap. We’re now a three imprint firm…

Top Twos-Day: e is for evolution

Rumor has it and sad news, but by golly the book industry is fine, right?

effective editing: ABCs and 123s

If you can use this technique, you’ll conquer that editing pyramid I shared with you last week…

effective editing: it’s not terminal or is it?

Sculpting an excellent sentence, crafting paragraphs and molding manuscripts is a type of puzzle to me.