Top Twos-Day: Shout out

Inspiration, motivation and cultivation: a one-stop shop!


Top Twos-Day: Creative Energy!

Writers are no different. Our invisible toolbox often has a collection of words, phrases, guides, books; everything that will assist us as we take on a project. But what else is tucked into that DIY kit?

Top Twos-Day: Survey shows!

My two cents: Are the publishers really making all the money? Standing on this side of the aisle, I know firsthand the costs of operating a publishing company. When I take a step back, toss on my writing cap and file in among my friends, I am reminded of the causes: no-cost web content, decline of edited writing, everybody-is-an-expert competition, etc.

Top Twos-Day: Securing Foundations

Here’s a link to the whole e-letter. I’ve culled through much of the info to give you two pieces that might better inform during this latest breach of security called Heartbleed Bug.

Top Twos-Day: It’s still Apples and Amazon

What’s new at Amazon? You’ve probably heard about drone delivery…

Special Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving a day away, I am filled with awesome gratitude. My associates…