Top Twos-Day: pandering?

Yes you read that right, a new partnership, and one that may lead to bigger things in 2016. We shall keep our eyes open for the political pandering sure to come next…


Top Twos-Day: Open and Close causes Colbert War

Now is a good time to mention another problem Hachette is facing: discrimination from Amazon? Hachette’s super hero, Stephen Colbert’s take on Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, and it’s personal, the finger pointing has begun!

Take a Pick, LitPick that is!!

Where my heart is…I’ve volunteered with LitPick for six years! This fantastic book review site posts student’s summaries and opinions about books. And they interviewed me, what an honor!!

Top Twos-Day: Reading Gift!

“In a world where you often wish you had superpowers, reading is what makes you more of a superhuman.”

Top Twos-Day: Sunscribe and Freelance Opportunities!

Are you interested in freelance editing? Find out more here. Artist, illustrator or digital graphics your specialty? Information and details…

Tops Twos-Day: The cost of writing right – would Hemingway be proud?

Over in another corner of The New Yorker, George Packer targets Amazon, who wears the bull’s-eye well.

Special Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving a day away, I am filled with awesome gratitude. My associates…