simplicity inspires creativity

But a few days ago, I came across a salacious source, YOU.


Top Twos-Day: Deadlines loom.

Speaking of open, ARTlines2 is a juried ekphrastic poetry competition accepting submissions…

Top Twos-Day: It’s Settled, NOT!

Lastly, just announced: Free New Yorker content for YOU and YOU and EVERYONE!

Top Twos-Day: Writing Opportunities!

I’m so late in posting this that I can’t even say it’s Tuesday somewhere…Not Top Two, see how it pays to show up late and look fabulous? Do you hear the quartet, playing your song?

Top Twos-Day: Reading Gift!

“In a world where you often wish you had superpowers, reading is what makes you more of a superhuman.”

Top Twos-Day: Sunscribe and Freelance Opportunities!

Are you interested in freelance editing? Find out more here. Artist, illustrator or digital graphics your specialty? Information and details…