More Information about Sunscribe™

We are looking for illustrators and graphic designers who can create original supporting artwork for children’s book manuscripts, as well as front/back covers for fiction and nonfiction works.


review seeks essays

categories accepting: personal essay, poetry, newsworthy, book excerpts, etc.

Sunday Funny: Shakespeare’s Swine

You’ve never heard the THREE LITTLE PIGS like this!

If you’re in the South, why not stop by?

I’m getting ready to speak at the South Carolina Writer’s Workshop (SCWW) Intensive on May 18, 2013. If you’re in the area…

Friday Pep Rally

My close friends know this mantra; tell me they hear those words in their own heads when they come across a situation that is unexpected or heartbreaking.

Sunday Funny: Twisted

I present to you shaken and stirred, twisted and bent, new Parables…

Top Twos-Day: Enjoy the Madness

Now, on to the good news. I’ve been invited to offer four classes at the South Carolina Writer’s Workshop…