Top Twos-Day: Pic a Selfie, post at wine o’clock!

Introducing Picpal, the app to create selfie collages. Think of all the uses: more #crazycatladythatsme shots and we can be in them together.


Top Twos-Day: Samsung Pay, Mind Your Manners

It’s all about that traffic, that traffic, and not about the base…

No napping here! “Notice and Stay Down” Provision

On Friday The Authors Guild published an open letter (a text-free PDF, no less) that calls upon Congress to amend the DMCA and replace the existing notice and take down setup with the notice and stay down setup that has been proposed by the “let’s break the internet” crowd.

Top Twos-Day: Bright Idea

First up, Disney launches another film…No, that’s not news. But here’s their next venture, according to The Digital Reader…

Sunday Funny: Banana Peels and Hazardous Cats

OMG, if I knew science could have been this much fun…perhaps these scientists have secrets that are more telling than their experiments?