Heartfelt Entrepreneurial Spirit

Fashion student designs coat for homeless and transforms lives…


Top Twos-Day: Creative Energy!

Writers are no different. Our invisible toolbox often has a collection of words, phrases, guides, books; everything that will assist us as we take on a project. But what else is tucked into that DIY kit?

Sunday Funny: Weird Al’s Word Crimes – R U Guilty?

The Grammar Police have nothing on Weird Al…he’s watching ya through “Blurred Lines”! 🙂

Top Twos-Day: pandering?

Yes you read that right, a new partnership, and one that may lead to bigger things in 2016. We shall keep our eyes open for the political pandering sure to come next…

Top Twos-Day: The Judge did what with an EBook?

Well, now it has happened. We’ve all joked about Big Brother watching us and knowing things even before we do.