Top Twos-Day: no Sherpa needed but keep your eyes peeled!

Authors Guild blazed through the writing mountain, no Sherpa needed! They accept self-pubbed authors as members.


If you’re in the South, why not stop by?

I’m getting ready to speak at the South Carolina Writer’s Workshop (SCWW) Intensive on May 18, 2013. If you’re in the area…

Top Twos-Day: Bracketing Bookworms

The Alphabet City Literary Center will open in 2014, “… will offer visitors a free book distribution program, classrooms and…

Top Twos-Day: Recommended Reading

On a more personal note, I had an opportunity to hear debut author Jamie Mason address and read at an event on Saturday. She is quite a talent and is one of those rare rising stars.

Spotlight: Author Ann Eisenstein

I wrote, I researched and learned what experts in the field of children’s publishing outlined as the proper steps and the rules of the business. I joined SCBWI. I joined Writer’s Market. I subscribed to newsletters. I took courses. I attended conferences. Bought the guides. Studied the lists of publishers, editors, and agents…

Spotlight: Teen Phenom T.L. Spencer

The initial development of Blood Prophecy started when I was sixteen. Though I was diagnosed with epilepsy when I was eleven, for many years it had been controlled with medication.

Spotlight: Writer Felice Cantatore

I chose to share my story as a memoir to help others follow their dreams through my successful connections to the films. It is one of my goals to have readers be able to put themselves in my place to reach their own visions.