Top Twos-Day: Writing Opportunities!

I’m so late in posting this that I can’t even say it’s Tuesday somewhere…Not Top Two, see how it pays to show up late and look fabulous? Do you hear the quartet, playing your song?


Take a Pick, LitPick that is!!

Where my heart is…I’ve volunteered with LitPick for six years! This fantastic book review site posts student’s summaries and opinions about books. And they interviewed me, what an honor!!

Top Twos-Day: Reading Gift!

“In a world where you often wish you had superpowers, reading is what makes you more of a superhuman.”

Top Twos-Day: Sunscribe and Freelance Opportunities!

Are you interested in freelance editing? Find out more here. Artist, illustrator or digital graphics your specialty? Information and details…

Top Twos-Day – Hot, On Fire, Fanning the Flame and Success?

Speaking of problems, there’s a copyright class action lawsuit settlement…

Top Twos-Day: no Sherpa needed but keep your eyes peeled!

Authors Guild blazed through the writing mountain, no Sherpa needed! They accept self-pubbed authors as members.

Nontraditional Valentine’s Gifts

Great ideas to give as a token of love for others especially if – one is your happy number and…