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Top Twos-Day: Security Success?

October 6, 2015

Data Security

Data Security is a huge issue: who has your data, what are they doing with it, and how can you protect yourself? Fifteen years ago, Safe Harbour came into play: a way to protect transcontinental data transfers.

“The EU forbids personal data from being transferred to and processed in parts of the world that do not provide ‘adequate’ privacy protections. So, to make it easier for US firms – including the tech giants – to function, Safe Harbour was introduced to let them self-certify that they are carrying out the required steps.”

Today the EU took steps to send a message to Facebook and others who transfer data, your self-certification isn’t enough, and you will be required to use protective, preventive measures. More at

As far as data goes, you know when you download an eBook, you are limited by the seller and the digital rights management, DRM. “By definition, DRM is any technology that sellers build into an electronic product or service to limit the range of the file’s uses after purchase. DRM is designed to prevent customers from using digital technology beyond what a bookseller or mobile device manufacturer intended.”

Which explains why you cannot share your books. But ideas are swirling, because many people dislike DRMs. One solution is to add an imprint, or according to GoodeReader, “distributors can add a digital watermark containing the customer’s name, email address and other information to identify the purchaser. This would embed personal and IP location information into the e-book at the time of purchase…”

Is this a better solution? Tagging your name and email to books as they stretch across our wifi divide? As a publisher, I want to hear from our readers: What say YOU?

Read the full GoodeReader article.

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Where are you SEO Friday, Sunday Funny and Top Twos-Day?

September 29, 2015

vocal fry say cheese

On sick leave but still working…

Totally frustrated about an asthma attack I recently had, but that’s what happens sometimes – life gets in the way of my plans, lol.

For now I go around sounding like I’m one of those girls with fryed vocal cords. Or a 40’s film star who smoked one pack too many. Either way not an appealing sound.

In today’s meeting, my voice improved to a squeak. Prompting someone to pipe up and ask if I’d like a bit of cheese.

Back soon…


Top Twos-Day: I spy homeland security

September 22, 2015


We all know when we venture out of the house there are traffic cameras and anti-shoplifting cameras. In our homes we are aware of our internet search engine’s cookies, bots and others watching our computer cruising. So why not approach things in 21st century style, using that same technology web to protect your information? Tor Project offers just the thing. Unless you are a library and receive a call from the local police placing your program in jeopardy. Intrigued? There’s more.

The Library Freedom Act — well, go ahead and read it because you need to be informed.

See more about Tor’s Project which allows users to stay hidden while they browse, chat and purchase in spite of homeland’s powerful thumb pressing in on their program.

While we’re discussing big brother, some may be wondering if Amazon’s power really does reach into every home after Sunday’s power interruption. The Digital Reader shared their take on the shut down, “Amazon Web Services is the Amazon division responsible for hosting web and mobile apps. It’s distributed across multiple locations, and supports websites all over the world.”

Anything you wanted to do, “ranging from Netflix to Medium and Nest to Buffer and Pocket all became unavailable on Sunday morning.”

Not into any of those? Well, try a few of these for size, as the “crash also shut down Echo, Amazon Instant Video, the retail functions of, IMDb, Createspace, Mayday, and the Kindle Store.”

I wonder if those boys at homeland security were able to watch any episodes…never mind.


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Sunday Funny: no-el?

September 20, 2015


Need I say more?

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They’re watching!

September 18, 2015


“Hey, did you see that?” A peer’s finger jabbed in my direction, “She just ate bread!”

Wednesday I was in a professional meeting, with industry leaders, who turned their eyes toward me for a glaring showdown. We had just voted on the next lunch meeting location and they were careful to point out that the menu had gluten free options, just for me.

“Did you see me swallow my medicine, too?” I nudged my closest companion. Heads bowed and murmurs stifled.

So it goes, another meal with me. And my g-free ways. Yes, with meds, I can tolerate and often do indulge in gluten. Especially when I’m on the run, need carbs and cannot see past back-to-back meetings.

Ever been the focus of attention when you hoped to hide? Or get lost because you faded too far into the background?

People tend to watch.


Then pounce.

We live in a voyeuristic world, if you don’t give people information, they will come to a conclusion, correct or not, and run with it. So give them your version of what you want them to know about you, your book, your product.

Same thing with your online reputation.

Your story, told your way. And be consistent, truthful and upbeat. Remember keywords matter, so use your tagline where, when, and how you can. Don’t forget to add selfies, people love those! You with food, you shopping for shoes. You. You. You.:)

♪♫ ♫ “Let’s give ‘em something to talk about…” ♪ ♫ ♪ ♪ ♫ – (Words by Shirley Eikhard and recorded by Bonnie Raitt).

For this SEO installment, let me offer this g-free nugget: choose and manage your online reputation – your story, told your way – give them something to talk about!


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Top Twos-Day: Dear Author, Seek Counsel!

September 15, 2015
Seek Counsel!

Seek Counsel!

In my contractual negotiations, I’ve always suggested people seek legal advice. It IS in your best interest to check with a lawyer. Pay for their counsel. And watch the law. Things change, fast! With that, I bring today’s top two:

It’s not often we see truth. Bold, sage advice, from a lawyer’s website, The Passive Voice. “No matter what experts tell you, no matter what trends, conventional wisdom, social media chatter or your friends in the Facebook writers group insist upon, do NOT write four books a year. I mean it. Don’t.” Awesome comments on this one, too! Check it out.

Have you seen an orphan work? The U.S. Copyright Office is deciding on what to do with these poor pieces defined as, “hundreds of millions of books, photographs, films, and other creations whose creators are unknown or can’t be located, but whose copyright protection is still in place. Because no one can figure out who has the right to give permission to use these works, they cannot be used.”

Sounds benign, right? Cory Doctorow recently shared thoughts about the changes in copyright laws. “The Copyright Office needs to hear why its proposal is a bad idea…an unworkable mess, filled with restrictions and gaps in coverage.” Doctorow’s open letter below the article explains more about the sordid sweep.

Did you know you that the Copyright Office is open until October 9, 2015, for your feedback? Read and find the comment link here.

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Sunday Funny: word feast

September 13, 2015

Why edit?
The first draft is fine.



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