Top Twos-Day: Turtle Doves?


Ever made holiday stockings? Way back when I was a young mom, and our house was filled with kids and animals, visiting friends and family, we decorated stockings for each pet and guest.

The only pet we didn’t have was an indoor bird. Had doves, and turtles, lol.

Over the decades, I made hundreds of stockings, some quilted, pieced with felt, lace dressed, fur-lined, plain and plaid.

roxiewriter pet toe stockings


One year I saw this idea for a toe stocking and it stuck! Not only did we make them for ourselves, but I shared the pattern with the kids’ sewing class that I taught.

Ahhh, those were the good ‘ole days. Glad to have pics…um…well these are new pics because I kept the stockings. Oh yeah, I so did!

If you made holiday stockings, have you kept them?

If we miss each other over the next few weeks, I wish you a two-riffic holiday season!

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There’s so much in that compact word. It sums up things for me now.


                          I have energy.

                                    Ready to decorate for Christmas.


                        Completed Sunscribe’s closing process.



I will continue to count my happy moments, appreciating all the cards, emails, well-wishes and healing thoughts from all of you. I truly appreciate your support – fully feel the energy you’re sending me!

Thank YOU!

Top Twos-Day: Dis-solution

sharpen those nail for battle

This week’s two topics are very personal to me, as they have to do with my health and my company, Sunscribe.

1) Top Twos-Day hiatus and 2) Sunscribe’s permanent closure. Announcement here.

I’ve never shared the battles with endometrial cancer that I have fought, nor will I, and now I stand at the threshold of another ugly bout. In less than one week’s time, I’ve had to re-adjust my big girl smile, tell my family, and break the news to many writers that we will not publish their works after all.

There’s a lot of fight left in this girl, so I will come by as often as possible to chat. Let’s keep it cheerful and full of holiday fun, okay?

I’m still #crazycatladythatsme🙂

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Top Twos-Day: Amazon scores, Independent Bookstores secure lead

Amazon Books, the company's first brick-and-mortar store, opened Nov. 3, 2015 in Seattle's University District.

Amazon Books, the company’s first brick-and-mortar store, opened Nov. 3, 2015 in Seattle’s University District.

Top Two Topics landing on my desk this week:

1 – HarperCollins, under their HarperOne division, will accept non-agented manuscripts for their new imprint, HarperLegend. The press release is everywhere, but I couldn’t find it on the HarperCollins site. Publishers Weekly says, “According to HarperOne, online submissions will be reviewed by HarperLegend’s editorial team. If accepted, authors will receive royalties for the e-book publication of their novels, access to HarperCollins’s individualized editorial direction, and custom marketing and publicity guidance. Titles that do well in digital will be released in print.” Read more on Publishers

2 – Amazon takes the brick and mortar formula by storm. In August, we heard the talk, Amazon will open a bookstore! Reality is better than fiction: they know readers’ buying habits, collected info for years, and now they’re handpicking stock. The Seattle Times quotes Amazon’s vice pres. of books, Jennifer Cast, “It’s data with heart,” she said. “We’re taking the data we have and we’re creating physical places with it.” I know I’m feeling soft and fuzzy, aren’t you? Check out the full article at Seattle

More Top Twos-Day news…

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Top Twos-Day: Jailbird


Freedom – physical, psychological – it’s part of our human nature. What happens when we experience limited liberty? Who’s to decide? Is it subjective?

I’ve seen several interesting articles that have stiffened my resolve, sharpened my senses and caused double takes. Here are this week’s top two:

Locked out of Apple Read – some customers have had significant access issues as they attempt to read their Apple books. Does it have anything to do with the antitrust case? Rumor has it that, “Apple will be forced to pay $450 million as part of a settlement with class action lawyers and state district attorneys, with $400 million of that amount earmarked for consumers.” Read the full story at MacRumors.

Speaking of reading ebooks, if you missed it, a previous Top Twos-Day post (read) touched on DRM-free content and security data embedded in ebooks, and in our Sunscribe newsletter this month, we discuss what to do when someone uses your work. View the October inSCRIBE. Which is a great segue to the next point: copyright.

Wonder what’s happening with intellectual property and copyright protection? See where one presidential candidate draws the line and check out Wikileaks latest rulings via a press release here.

Want more? Top Twos-Day topics to choose from…

Bugs, Eyeballs, and Teeth – oh my!


It’s that time of year when the chill in the air is more than just the temperature – it’s Hallow Eve – the most wonderful time of the year! We have permission to dress in costume, and embellish our houses, cars, even workspaces in tacky décor. We can be young at heart and no one will suggest we act our age!

No surprise, then, that I love shopping for uniquely themed treats to offer my door-to-door friends. This year, I found a lovely stock of gummy bugs, chewy eyeballs and crunchy teeth. Call me a hoarder because I snatched as many creepy crawlers and body parts as I could pile in my cart.

Yeah, I want to be the cool house on the block. The unassuming cat lady with well-groomed flowers and a gross green thumb sticking up in her yard, advertising caution to all who daringly trod on my sidewalk.

I won’t share snapshots of the exterior, I’d have too many tricksters show up, but I want to encourage all you givers to jump into the ghoulish spirit and offer your trick-or-treaters something to talk about long after the candy wrappers hit the trash pile.

Last year I gave out candy books, a DIY project for the kids to take and make. We added the project on the Sunscribe newsletter (read more). Check it out, along with other info I think you may find useful.

Happy Hallows Eve! Pass the fun🙂

To China in the Batcar!

Helen Keller quoteI’ve been absent, but don’t believe everything you read about me. Particularly a bank statement.

Yep, while I was recuperating from my bronchial attack, brought on from asthma, charges magically appeared on one of my credit cards.

Someone stayed at a hotel in China, enjoyed quite a few lovely meals, and ordered some housewares. And then requested a coffee in a Midwestern state.

Holy frosted flakes, batman! There was no airfare, nor breakfast on the bill!

Lovely light at the end of the tunnel: I haven’t used that card for almost a year, so I have both legs to stand on as I dispute these charges.

But oh, wow, what a mess! Definitely a writing prompt in here, and a good giggle down the road. WAAAAAY down the road.

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