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I met a survivor

September 11, 2015

911 remembered redefined

The scars from September 11, 2001 run deeper than any visible skin can cover. Many survivors face continued struggles.

Yesterday I had a conversation with a friend who shared more details of his horrific story: he was one of the first responders critically injured.

After we spoke, I returned home and began my evening routine. But the emotional knot of the interview needed release. I pulled out my watercolors and pastels and here’s my outlet.

911 Remembered and Redefined

No critiques please, this is my raw emotion. And that’s what today is for – remembering our raw emotions.

I wish you comfort and peace as we give pause and rightful respect to our heroes.

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Sunday Funny: mining creativity

September 6, 2015


Go ahead, laugh, but I bet you’re right there, crazy creative too!

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Advance Planning: SEO keys to forever

September 4, 2015

Yesterday I received an odd piece of snail mail: a survey from the nearby funeral home. Complete with a self-addressed, postage-paid envelope.

I’ll let that sink in a second.

advance planning here and hereafter

SEO planning: here and hereafter

Here’s a quote from the letter, “The funeral industry is changing rapidly…Our aim is not how many funerals we can do, but how much service we can provide on each funeral…Your answers will help determine where our future time and resources need to be focused.”

Need a minute?

Yeah, I did. Then I wondered, what exactly are they doing? Do they want to provide the best product albeit funeral, for the dollar? Connect with customers, or readers: relating to their target audience?

I shuddered as I let the letter slide out of my fingers and onto my counter. Then, ever the resourceful idea gal, I had it *snap*! The thought congealed like Aunt Tilde’s green Jell-o. This letter gave me the perfect example for today.

Customers search for us. Typically online.

Now, more than letting their fingers do the walking through old yeller pages (couldn’t resist), people search online.

Consider the keywords that people are using to search for you. What words come to mind about who you are? Are they the terms people use, or just what you think categorize your brand or product?

Google your ideal words, to see if your competitors pop up, and if not, check out what special terms they may be using that should be added to your list. Adjust accordingly. Repeat every 4-6 months to stay on trend.

Whether you are selling funeral packages, writing, artwork, or jewelry that will stand the test of time, use keywords that describe you and your services in terms that your target audience is familiar with, and is using during their searches. When in doubt, ask.

Speaking of, I haven’t decided if I will submit the survey. Something inside whispers that they might have assistants out their scoping out those submitters, ringing familiar to ambulance chasing lawyers. Or is that a fiction story waiting to be written?

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Address your address points toward consistency, while  The New Hashtag, discusses trends and pictures.

More next Friday – I feel a new habit forming!

Happy keywording!

Top Twos-Day: Pic a Selfie, post at wine o’clock!

September 1, 2015

cat cafe be there wine o'clock

Misery loves company, so the saying goes. As does, apparently, selfie takers. Introducing Picpal, the app to create selfie collages. Before you groan, think of all the uses: more #crazycatladythatsme shots and we can be in them together. Just sayin’! Snag it for iPhone or Android, click, download!

Switching gears. *snap, snap, snap* another set of selfies, for this next story…

Have you heard the latest entries in the Oxford Dictionary? From cat cafe (love it) to manspreading to wine o’clock (gotta love that one too), the words are out, or in. Now, go forth and google them so that they reach the pinnacle status they deserve. Or read the full list at the Oxford Blog.

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Sunday Funny: cooking the books

August 30, 2015

Sunday Funny Roxie's Blog

Like cooking and reading? What about playing word games? NPR’s Ask Me Another’s recent podcast offered a sweet break from the norm. (Read previous Sunday Funny mashups.)

Here’s a taste for you, “Laura Hillenbrand’s 2001 nonfiction book about a legendary championship horse reveals why he ran so fast. Waiting for him at the end of the finish line was a delicious Southern breakfast dish featuring round breads drenched in a savory sauce.”

Ask Me Another Game Show

Guess? Yep, Seabiscuits and gravy!

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Address your address: SEO algorithms

August 28, 2015

inquiring seo algorithms

Whatcha selling?

Something tangible, like a book? Or perhaps a service, such as editing? Maybe you’re a photographer or an illustrator?

How do people find you? Your address is important, particularly if you have a brick and mortar structure. Also true online.

Last time I mentioned Search Engine Optimization, “Google and other algorithm-based search engines pick the first picture linked on a webpost and add that as clout during their balancing act.”  Read The New Hashtag: #CrazyCatLadyThatsMe

This time, let’s focus on how all the stars should line up and point in your direction. For that to happen, one hugely important consideration is your physical address. Somewhere you entered that bit of info, and as with everything in cyberspace, it’s still out there floating free.

Try an experiment: Google yourself, or what name you use for your site. Check using another search engine, perhaps Yahoo or Bing. I know, you may not use those, but others do.

And try opening different browsers, not just your favorites. Chrome, Foxfire and Cloud. Even the run-out-of-town Internet Explorer.

One last thing to think about when you look at your website: is it mobile friendly? The algorithms are different for that, too!

SEO Spider

The powers that be, search engines, sort through data, toss those inconsistencies and add up information to build webs. Interconnected thin webs that are fragile, though much stronger if they are available to mobile users.

Excuse me for dropping links, but I’m weaving a few threads in the web. Both for my company, Sunscribe, and my blog!

In the mood to investigate and learn more?

The Next Web describes Google’s mobile algorithm.

Search Engine Land has an awesome graphic, just like the periodic table!


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