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simplicity inspires creativity

August 6, 2015

simplicity inspires creativity

Often I’ll wander into my garden for inspiration. I clipped this peach gladiola right before today’s thunderstorm. Creativity sparks and snaps causing synapses to swirl in my head as I type.

But a few days ago, I came across a salacious source, YOU.

Readers’ comments spurred a new poem.

I was hoping to share it with my poetry group tonight, but I’m still way too tired from gluten gluttony earlier in the week.

Once they critique it, I know they’ll find some things for me to tweak and strengthen. But it can wait. Poems, with age, improve.

What’s inspiring your creativity today?


How to Market a Book with Truth and Taste

August 5, 2015


When you think about your book, you need to know who your audience is and where to find them.

Marketing Books is not for the faint of heart. Nor is honesty the current working policy, so it seems.

Publishers Weekly acknowledges,
“However, it is an open secret in the publishing industry that claims made on galleys and other material for the trade–about everything from first printings to marketing budgets and efforts–can be gross exaggerations.”

What’s an author to do? Stretch the truth?

Since beginning Sunscribe two years ago, it has been my mission to guard writers’ reputations. Something I bring to the table as a writer myself.

This isn’t a giant ad for my publishing company, but a gentle reminder of why it is important to research your options,  know your goals and seek advice before signing a contract.

Yes, those are all topics we discuss with our prospective authors, because Sunscribe is an extension of me, and I partner with writers to make their work the best possible, period.

And on my desk, honesty still rules policy.

What do you recommend authors do to market their works?

Get thee behind me, Gluten!

August 4, 2015


What, you ask, is this about?

G-free. You know that culprit lurking about in foods many cannot eat.

I hear anecdotes, jokes and disbelief. I see eye rolls. Well, it’s a real problem for me.

‘Nough said.

Recovery is a great road to travel on, and a horrible one to wish for. Just like with anything else health-related. The journey can kill.

However, I am not one to sit about with my limbs propped, whining about something.

Pragmatic, that’s what I am. Or if you view the synonym, hardheaded works, too.

Totally hardheaded.

But now after a rough relapse, I’m eating my gluten free pretzels and enjoying life again. This battle-worn body is moving. Forward.

“Wait for it,” as Barney (HIMYM) would say, “side five.”

Forward Focused™ – that’s what I am!

Say it ain’t so!

August 3, 2015

Oh boy did I mess up!


And now I’m paying for it!
Thought I could get away with a few bad choices this weekend,  but now, I am sorr-eee!
I ate bread, pizza, and brownies this weekend and my g-free body hates me today.
So, I’ll be nursing my wounded body today, day 2, and hope to be “normal” tomorrow.
Y’all fill me in on what I miss in the world…but not those political things, that’ll set me back another day.

Farm Humor?

August 2, 2015

Happy Sunday Funny ;)


Five years of inspiration!

August 1, 2015


Today marks five years since the start of the Luncheon Literary Society. For us, it has been an inspirational journey filled with laughter,  growth and tears as we met monthly to critique each others’ works.
I am honored to be a founding member and humbled by our current leader’s generous and creative gift.


Everyone at the meeting today walked away with a wood plaque (5th anniversary gift) along with a gorgeous packet of printed writing quotes. We can decoupage one on the plaque to keep or give away, plus still have writing quotes for other projects.
Thank you, current leader Smart Robyn we truly ♡ you!


Book Virgin

July 31, 2015

I know, the title may make a few people uncomfortable,  but there’s no other way to describe this.
The first time really does matter.
When you read a book, that is.



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