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Thank YOU!

December 24, 2014


Happy holidays and thank you, for sticking with me through another year.

Wishing you a season of peace and a 2015 filled with new adventures!


Heartfelt Entrepreneurial Spirit

December 22, 2014

New coat turns into sleeping bag for homeless. Genius!


Watch the video…

Sunday Funny: Reindeer Humor

December 21, 2014


Team Spirit

December 15, 2014


Our Sunscribe team holiday party. We each created an awesome painting at Gallery 102.
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In Focus

December 14, 2014

Who knew?
Velcro up close.



Happy Thanksgiving!

November 27, 2014


Top Twos-Day: Bright Idea

November 6, 2014

Up is not easy

The November inSCRIBE is out! View it online here…
And while you’re there, see if you can spot the errors of our ways. We’ve tucked a few minor mistakes in this issue. List them on our blog (here) and we’ll draw a winner from all the correct entries for a Sunscribe gift. Hope you like chocolate!

First up, Disney launches another film…No, that’s not news. But here’s their next venture, according to The Digital Reader, “Disney has invented a search engine which is set up to tell you what their marketing dept wants you to see, not to show you links to relevant info.” Hmmm, mmmm, sure enough, follow the money to see where the market is. Full story…
And second, using the technology of an ebook, plus the thinness of paper, yields a new kickstarter project by Twelve24 (check out their site). This clock beats the traditional ones and may just fly!
What do you think?
clock one for top twosday

So, did you sign up for NaNoWriMo or PiBoIdMo? No? There’s still time. And speaking of time…
Hmmm, there’s some circular reasoning happening here! :)

More Top Twos-Days…



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