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Dunmo App Wins Purdue Students Recognition

July 22, 2015


About a month ago, I met one of the creators of Dunmo, Jeremy Meyer. Meyer, along with Michael Goldman, two Purdue University students, founded the startup utilizing an application to manage personal tasks more efficiently.

The accolades are pouring in, “Dunmo won second place in the Boiler Mini-Accelerator Competition, or “Boiler,” a student-run business competition hosted by the Anvil, which is a community co-working space and business incubator in West Lafayette.”

Sign up and give it a run – the app is in beta mode and they can use all the feedback you can dish.


Veterans Farm

July 21, 2015


I recently heard about the Veterans Farm initiative which assists disabled veterans to become sustainable farmers.
Many of you know I volunteer with SCORE,  a small business mentor program under the Small Business Association. We have a special arm to focus on veteran’s business start-ups,  but not necessarily as in depth as this initiative.
What a fabulous idea, sustainability,  returning vets and small businesses.
Is there someone you know who would benefit from Veterans Farm? Read more!

Accepting Submissions

July 20, 2015


Great news: Sunscribe is open
for submissions this week!
We are seeking
Children’s Chapter Books.
But hurry, we’re only open from
July 20 – 24, 2015
submission details here!

Next week, we open for different submissions!

Paint Party Plus!

July 20, 2015

As the weekend closes, I have to share this special memento. Awesome friends gathered this afternoon to celebrate a lovely lady’s birthday.
This creative painting party hosted was by Happy Accidents Paint Party Plus.


Everybody took home a gorgeous moonlit beach scene.
Only wish we had more time together,  it was such a blast!

It’s who we know

July 18, 2015


Many thanks to Sunscribe team member Annamaria for connecting us with her friend Micki.
Micki had three display bookshelves she wished to give to a good home.
Annamaria,  who knows my rescue reputation,  immediately contacted me to see if Sunscribe could use them.
You bet we can!
Shoutout to Micki for her generosity and willingness to assist deconstructing the shelves to fit in my car.
Pics of reassembled shelves with Sunscribe’s books coming soon!

Reading Room

July 17, 2015


imageLast night I attended one of the local book clubs meeting at Amélie’s French Bakery. The perfect location to chat about the book The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah.

We traversed the French countryside, recalling moments that moved us from this livre passionnant. Topped off with wine, de chocolat and a few side topics, the evening was magnifique!

Should you read it? Check out the teaser and decide for yourself – from Kristin Hannah’s website.


Wait, Wait, Don’t Show Me!

July 16, 2015

Roxie St for blogThe world is a strange place today. Everyone is expected to have an online presence to promote their work. What’s a writer to do?

Perhaps you’ve seen the same data I have about online promotion and the importance of marketing.

Some of this sound familiar?

Destination aids distribution.

Create compelling content.

Mimic market models.

Buzzzzz words.

And then there’s the mantra: Show, don’t tell. As writers, we are supposed to market our work, create a platform. (Another bee whizzes by…)

The irony of it all is painfully time-consuming. We’re required to have an online presence: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. even before selling that first book!

So that brings me to a couple conclusions. With self-promotion, we do have to spend a certain amount of time telling. And with telling, we have to be focused, with time and message.

A filmmaker recently shared this three point punch with a group I was in, “Tell them. Tell them you’re gonna tell them. Then tell them you told them.”

Promotion is not for the shy. I would love to hear how you answer these two questions: tell us what and why:

How do you honk your own horn?

What platform has worked for you to share information with your audience?

Maybe we can build a buzz, beginning today.


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