Top Twos-Day: Deadlines loom.

Speaking of open, ARTlines2 is a juried ekphrastic poetry competition accepting submissions…


Sunday Funny: Banana Peels and Hazardous Cats

OMG, if I knew science could have been this much fun…perhaps these scientists have secrets that are more telling than their experiments?

Top Twos-Day: The Big ONE

Now before you reach for your wallet to verify we haven’t lifted it, let me give you the quick and dirty. Just a VOTE. That’s all we need.

Friday Pep Rally

My close friends know this mantra; tell me they hear those words in their own heads when they come across a situation that is unexpected or heartbreaking.

contest: contemporary tales with cutting edge delivery

“This is open to all writers, artists (illustrations and animated .gifs), animators, poets, and musicians.”

Spotlight: Eleanor Bennett

16 year old photographer phenom Eleanor Bennett began her craft at the age of 12…

writing contest: winner discusses writing with best-selling author and major publisher

Essays will be judged on both style and content, and should be between 500 – 2000 words…