Top Twos-Day: Deadlines loom.


Nominations are open for those movers and shakers in the library sphere, “…who are moving our libraries ahead. The 2015 Movers and Shakers will be highlighted in the March 15 issue of Library Journal.” Details…

Speaking of open, ARTlines2 is a juried ekphrastic poetry competition accepting submissions between now and November 30, 2014, and may be made in one of two age categories: Adult (ages 20+) or Teen (ages 13–19). More information…

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Sunday Funny: Banana Peels and Hazardous Cats

four cats August 2014 50 percent

Have you heard of the Ig Nobel Prize? It is a competition, “For achievements that first make people LAUGH then make them THINK” and the 24th ceremony to honor the 2014 winners was held recently at Harvard.

Winners from two categories are worth mentioning: The Physics Prize and the Public Heath Prize. Just so you don’t lose the scope of science involved, I’ve pasted the descriptions. Enjoy!!

“PHYSICS PRIZE [JAPAN]: Kiyoshi Mabuchi, Kensei Tanaka, Daichi Uchijima and Rina Sakai, for measuring the amount of friction between a shoe and a banana skin, and between a banana skin and the floor, when a person steps on a banana skin that’s on the floor.

PUBLIC HEALTH PRIZE [CZECH REPUBLIC, JAPAN, USA, INDIA]: Jaroslav Flegr, Jan Havlíček and Jitka Hanušova-Lindova, and to David Hanauer, Naren Ramakrishnan, Lisa Seyfried, for investigating whether it is mentally hazardous for a human being to own a cat.”

See all the categories and winners here…

OMG, if I knew science could have been this much fun…perhaps these scientists have secrets that are more telling than their experiments?

But wait, I own a cat, well, four, and hubs is a scientist. Hmmm?!

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Top Twos-Day: The Big ONE

Sunscribe August 13 2013 pen nib i2 1

After a month-long break from Top Twos-Day, I’m back. Still analyzing and balancing time with tasks. But one thing’s for sure, the clock’s hands move forward!
And speaking of ahead, we at Sunscribe are excited to announce a way for you to participate in a unique prospect as we grow: help us secure a $150,000 grant from Chase.
Now before you reach for your wallet to verify we haven’t lifted it, let me give you the quick and dirty. Just a VOTE. That’s all we need.
You click on the link below, and voila! Up pops a voting button.
We applied for this grant because we see this opportunity to secure funding without debt for our traditional publishing model.
If you’re not familiar with Sunscribe, mosey on over to our website, here. But please find your way back to our Chase page and VOTE. You can only cast one ballot. Yes, only one!

Fine or not so fine print: Facebook users log in first. If you don’t have a FB account, unfortunately, you can’t vote. But hey, why not use this opportunity to open a facebook account?

Here’s the link, go ahead, mouse over it, and press. Let us know you support us as we partner with writers.

vote for sunscribe
Shameless plug brought to you by Roxie Hanna, publisher of Sunscribe.
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Friday Pep Rally

image from

image from

Both as a country and individually, many have questioned the events in Massachusetts, Texas, and along the Mississippi River, plus countless other places worldwide with one word. Why?

Personally, I’ve been facing a quiet storm. One adviser and two other friends jumped on a band wagon to set up a ‘competing business’ under my company name. Why?

I don’t have the answer, to either of those questions. And honestly, I learned a long time ago, I may not find them. Life doesn’t come with a manual: “Flip to page 49, paragraph iii to address this issue.” But as sure as I’m writing this I will tell you, “Nothing is EVER wasted!” (Be sure you use this as a quote attributed to me, Roxie Hanna, k?)

My close friends know this mantra; tell me they hear those words in their own heads when they come across a situation that is unexpected or heartbreaking. I repeated the words aloud, swallowing the strength they offered, “Nothing is EVER wasted.”

Never one to theorize about politics, religion, or sciences, let me postulate that these events are connected. The commonality is people. People recovering.

So, after I saw interviews with those affected most by these instances, I gave myself a pep talk. “If folks can recover, and commit to a future, why am I even considering a moment of self-pity?”

I straightened my shoulders, picked up my proverbial pompoms and marched into the kitchen for a chunk of dark chocolate.

The name of the game is survival. For whatever time we have here. Chocolate is a survivor’s food. I AM a survivor. Of many things.

What does this have to do with writers?

Well, let me jump on my soapbox, pompom in each hand, “You can do this. No matter what reaction you face, situation that presents itself, or tragedy that plays out, you can and must continue on the path you started.” *waving pompoms*

You are a writer, and know that since, “nothing is ever wasted,” you can adjust

image from

image from

your attitude, edit your work, change your plot-line  or whatever you need to do for success as defined by you. Nike has something, Just Do It! And don’t stop.

We’re in this together, person to person, shoulder to shoulder, come hell or high water, or both.

*Exhaling, one more shake of those fluffy puffs in your direction,* this concludes our pep rally this week, “Go YOUUUU!” *setting pompoms down*.



contest: contemporary tales with cutting edge delivery

Spoon and the Moon App Contest

sponsored by Wickedly Sisters

seeking short story, poem, animation, illustration, animated gif, musical composition to flow with theme: A Naughty Fairytale

accepting “…writing, music and art that flow with our Spoon and the Moon App. We are looking for creative visionaries who are not afraid to stretch the storyline possibilities.”

deadline extended until September 30, 2012

details and rules

I share “no fee” writing opportunities and contests: gathering this information from various sources. I advise “caveat emptor” or in this case, let the writer beware when a venue is unknown to you.

If you know of a venue open to subs contact me: roxiewillbe(at)live(dot)com. In the subject line please state: “writing opportunity”

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Spotlight: Eleanor Bennett

Today I welcome 16 year old photographer phenom Eleanor Bennett to the spotlight. She began her craft at the age of 12, collecting recognitions ranging from the only UK individual to have her work presented in the National Geographic and Airbus run, to the youngest artist displayed in Charnwood Art’s Vision 09, and New Mill’s Artlounge Dark Colours Exhibition. Numerous exhibits dot the globe in the UK, France, Indonesia, USA, Canada, Spain, Germany, Japan, and Australia, plus she’s racking up copious contest and publication credits including the Telegraph, the Guardian, and the BBC News Website, while simultaneously snagging books and magazines covers in the United States and Canada. Bennett’s style and approach is 100% serious, her camera focused on her subject and her eye on the finished project.

Q) Tell us what’s been the best subject or your favorite, and what’s a theme or topic you don’t think you’d like to capture again?

A) I find one of the best subjects to be ruined objects. “Situations which make me reflect and ask why the hell do humans do this type of thing?” If you find beauty in all of that you must be achieving stuff. I don’t want to capture flowers and grasshoppers again. I want to stretch my creativity.

Q) You’ve certainly done that! With your considerable resume, do you ever stop and wonder where you’ll be in five or ten years?

A) Mainly front covers, trying to get taken more seriously. A few interviews and artist featuring. I’ve no idea where it is all going to take me but I work hard and wake early. There is an opportunity just waiting for me to claim it. I’m good at being there to grab something.

Q) All the work you’ve done is paying off. What’s your latest project, and where do you see this one taking you?

A) I was recently offered a flight to NYC by a contest run by a magazine I was due to be published in. You have to reach out those feelers and connect. I sold a few prints with the saatchi gallery last year (gilt groupe sale). I’m just waiting to get my claws into an education grant for all this hard work.

Q) Exciting! Keep us posted on that one. Switching it up, what would you say influences your choices as subjects when you are out seeking a great photo shoot?

A) Has it been taken before? Do I feel it, is it bad luck if I don’t shoot it? well I’ll grab it. What setting? Its low light flash burst I think. I want that grain , not minded about the lost of quality. Can’t do raw , my software won’t let me. Take about 50 of this, up, down, around, below. I just need one good frame. All the effort is worth it.

Q) Many shots just to equal one good frame, sounds like you’re relentless. What do you do if you’re not satisfied with a shot?

A) I took a frame a couple of months ago, only turned out 500kb. Enlarged it to 8mb and now it’s the front cover of the Delinquent (starfish).

Q) It turned out better that you would have imagined! What do you recommend for people who are interested in achieving ideal photos?

A) Irfanview is a life saver when resizing for those not able to afford photoshop.

Thanks, Eleanor! Good luck with all your projects and we look forward to following your amazing career as it progresses.

To find Eleanor Bennett’s work check out Motley Press, Able Muse, Educe Journal, Penduline Press, and Polka Dot Punks. Read more about Eleanor Bennett at her website, Idol Magazine, and on her Facebook Fan Page.

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writing contest: winner discusses writing with best-selling author and major publisher

Muskoka Chautauqua First Annual Writing Contest

Open to residents of the US and Canada, the contest hopes to challenge writers of all ages and abilities with their choice of one of the following topics:

  • The War of 1812: Who really won?

 Without celebrating war or being anti-anyone, this theme recalls the struggles of each of the adversaries during this watershed conflict.

  • Our Canada: Rocks and Roots

Whether it’s rock music, the rock that dominates much of the landscape, your ancestral roots or our magnificent forests, we want to know what makes Canada so special…

Winner will receive two (2) VIP passes to the Muskoka Chautauqua “Weekend With Joseph Boyden” event being held at the luxurious JW Marriott’s The Rosseau Muskoka Resort and Spa this fall.

The event will include opportunities to discuss writing and novels in small, intimate groups, with industry professionals such as Boyden, and publishers Penguin Canada.

Essays will be judged on both style and content, and should be between 500 – 2000 words.

Deadline for submissions is Fri. Aug. 31st at 5pm.

Entries should be sent to:;

or via mail to PO Box 172, Port Carling, ON. P0B 1P0.


Special thanks to Bryan Dearsley for this post!

I share “no fee” writing opportunities and contests: gathering this information from various sources. I advise “caveat emptor” or in this case, let the writer beware when a venue is unknown to you.

If you know of a venue open to subs contact me: roxiewillbe(at)live(dot)com. In the subject line please state: “writing opportunity”

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