The fourth of July is around the corner and it seems like every year, passing that mark, wraps up summer…


Sunday Funny: I do…I think

“I shall do my best to provide for your needs and wants, but I shall not bear the brunt of the mortgage alone, not if you want your name on the title.”

Top Twos-Day: BEA Buzz – Fabulous Fall Releases

The Peculiar, a middle grade fantasy; My Bookstore, writer’s fav indie haunts…

Ghostwriting: WTW?

The plan for today is to hit the basics: rudimentary definitions and applications. What is ghostwriting, what it’s not and how to know if you might ‘fit’ into this strange world. I am referring to fiction and nonfiction works, sharing what applies to both.

Top Twos-day: two equals one

Two equals one – You Are Stardust by Elin Kelsey, images by Soyeon Kim hit the mark!