twins times two!

In a post a few weeks ago I mentioned that a bird of unknown species had assembled a nest on my porch light fixture…the mystery is solved: four wee Mockingbirds emerged earlier this week!



trio – one’s tucked on the other side:




I can’t believe the month of June is almost gone. The fourth of July is around the corner and it seems like every year, passing that mark, wraps up summer – because before I can even blink – August flashes by.

Since I’m bringing a monthly column about ghostwriting, I thought I’d update on a more personal level. From the middle of May until the last weekend in June I’ll have logged more driving hours than I care to add up in gas money.

But, the projects are on target, my vacation is a speck in my review mirror, and these remaining two weekends in June find me staggering toward the last three places before a few weeks planting my feet at home.

Destination ahead: Greenville again, along with Asheville in the same weekend, and then on to Clemson. Yeah, it could be worse, no work, no money, no travel. I’m not complaining about working weekends, weekdays and nights, okay maybe whining a bit…

However, during all those trips I’ve managed to meet and keep in touch with some pretty interesting people. Some will turn up later, several will stay undisclosed per contractual agreements, and a few will be glad that I don’t name them here. Been an awesome ride!🙂

Besides traveling, I’ve signed on to edit two more clients’ manuscripts, and purchased nine books, rounding out my summer reading to an officially impossible list.

Yet I still aspire to do more in these longer hours. The sun summons me to my deck, the flowers and birds beckon me to breathe in tranquility, and my writing idly waits until my muse snaps alive.

I am a writer and editor for others, pining for my pieces spotlight, yet extraordinarily satisfied. Energy abounds! Summer’s in full swing.

Come cool off and chat, set a spell and I’ll pour you a glass of sweet tea.😉

Do dish about how your summer’s shaping up. Whatcha reading? Where have you been or are going?

Sunday Fun: Nesting

Tuesday I came home from a weeklong vacation and discovered that a bird had nested on top of my front porch light. All is quiet in the nest, no bird comes or goes, so I don’t know to which species it belongs. If you have any ideas, please let me know…

In the meantime, I thought I’d share a few odd places birds have nested. It is against the law in most states to disturb a nest until the fledglings have flown, but it’s amazing where some parents’ choose to build their homes.

Not just for the feathered friends – my fav: the elephant…

Get Inspired by Nature: my fav – ashtray “do not use…”

and in the awe-how-cute category, view an adorable baby in its nest…


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Looking Ahead: No More Cancer?

I often bring you writing opportunities, or information for those interested in the writing and visual arts field. This time, I felt I had to bring some information that will benefit a wider range of readers. Last Wednesday evening I attended Davidson College’s H. L. Smith Lecture where guest speaker Professor Ronald Breslow from Columbia University spoke about his promising research on the new class of FDA-approved anticancer drugs. I was amazed at his knowledge and totally blown away by his conversational dialogue. I understood (most of, okay only some of) the chemistry, followed along while he detailed years of trial and error, and I felt his excitement about the recent results of some other potential uses for this molecule.

While his research is encouraging, we watch and wait as the structure is now in the market under the generic name Vorinostat. A large drug company offers it under another name, which I will not mention. Vorinostat works as a histone deacetylase (HDAC) inhibitor and is currently administered orally for the treatment of cutaneous manifestations of multiple myeloma. However, it is currently being studied for wide-ranging treatment/cure for other cancers and diseases. As with any medication, there are side-effects, yet the results are very promising: cancer cells are transformed from the inside-out, a revolutionary way to disrupt the growth and change the course of the disease. Read more about Vorinostat at the National Center for Biotechnology Information.

What I wanted to share here: hope is a heartbeat away. Literally, for curing cancer and other diseases, including those that require a cocktail to manage. If you want to learn about Vorinostat’s drug trials you can take part in, or if you know someone who would like to participate, check out Clinical Trials. These studies include Breast Cancer, Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Lung Cancer, and many others. If you are interested in viewing the latest clinical trials on a variety of topics, see the US National Institutes of Health’s site. Cancer is a nasty word, but with Dr. Breslow’s work and countless others, we have a lot to hope for on the horizon, perhaps even eliminating it from our everyday vocabulary.


Sunday Funny: two air is human

Everyone has trouble with a word or two haunting their subconscious and taunting them to misspell or use a homonym or homophone – I’m from the generation who learned homonym, antonym and cinnamon synonym😉.

Anyway, weather whether you’ve seen alot a lot of errors in other’s works or your you’re guilty of an occasional wierd weird mishap, hears here’s the sight site four for you!

Chuckle over Ten Words You Need to Stop Misspelling… compliments of “The Oatmeal”

Also, check out The Oatmeal’s other Grammar Tips…

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Sunday Funny: Cynic, Loner, Recluse or worse!

Stereotypes mean nothing…or do they?

 Have you written a character that doesn’t seem to have that three-dimensional quality?

Perhaps you need to determine if you’re missing a misanthrope…the best quirks add believability.

What if you yourself are a practicing misanthrope?

How to tell?

 Sampling questions from Adams Media Humor Blog will pin the tail on your hide if you qualify…then head over to their site to take the full quiz…

 Motivational quotes give me acid reflux.

 I don’t just attend team-building exercises—I plan them!

 A stranger is a friend you haven’t met.


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