We don’t get a practice round at life

When I started collecting my thoughts for this post, it was over a month ago. Since then, many people across the globe have experienced personal tragedies. But, as I push through pain, and focus forward, it is my hope to encourage others who are hurting. Let’s embrace each other and grow stronger, together.


Sunday Funny: Banana Peels and Hazardous Cats

OMG, if I knew science could have been this much fun…perhaps these scientists have secrets that are more telling than their experiments?

Sunday Funny: Medical Facts

Ever wonder the best way to bring a “sample” in to the doctor’s office? Check out Carrie Rubin’s Medical student chortles post and you’ll discover the best container, hint it burps…

Top Twos-Day: The Big ONE

Now before you reach for your wallet to verify we haven’t lifted it, let me give you the quick and dirty. Just a VOTE. That’s all we need.