review seeks essays

categories accepting: personal essay, poetry, newsworthy, book excerpts, etc.

Spotlight: Artist, Poet and Short Story Author Leon A. Walker

“I have to find the words to clearly convey to readers exactly what those emotions felt like. And this must be done within the context of a story in a way that justifies such emotions. So, in my view as the storyteller, I am obligated to provide a fearless and truthful impression…”

Arts Magazine open for subs

this venue seeks nonfiction: literature, reviews, interviews, articles, essays, biographies, poetry, fiction, art and photography

Spotlight: Poet John Lavan

“I discovered my poetry passion about 8 years ago when I met my wife..And then there was a moment when I started to write about my son, Andrew, who has Down’s Syndrome.”

venue for young writers and artists

“We’re always looking for new writers and artists, and we really want to encourage all our young readers to send us their work.”