Spotlight: Artist, Poet and Short Story Author Leon A. Walker

“I have to find the words to clearly convey to readers exactly what those emotions felt like. And this must be done within the context of a story in a way that justifies such emotions. So, in my view as the storyteller, I am obligated to provide a fearless and truthful impression…”


Spotlight: Humorist Barry Parham

“Actually, I never intended to write books. I always wanted to write a weekly humor column that eventually would grow up, move out, and go live with many newspapers. Unfortunately…”

Spotlight: Poet John Lavan

“I discovered my poetry passion about 8 years ago when I met my wife..And then there was a moment when I started to write about my son, Andrew, who has Down’s Syndrome.”

Spotlight: Photographer Russel Ray

“…the human eyes see much more than any camera does, so the camera will not show you what you saw with just one photograph. Use everything at your disposal to create the scene…”

Spotlight: Author Paul Drewfs

“Transforming Spirits in a nutshell goes like this: It’s midnight, Central Bohemia, Sunday October 31, 1571 – Eleven year old Princess Elizabeth of the Dominions of Loyalty is …”

Spotlight update: Middle Grade Author Bryan Dearsley

Bryan’s been busy since the last time he was in the Spotlight, penning his second middle grade historical fantasy novel in the Alex Mortimer series…