Top Twos-Day: The Fab Four Social Networks?

Who’s watching the data? Google+ is part of the large conglomerate. Data collection and artificial intelligence. Worried yet?


Top Twos-Day: Too Easy Peasy

In other news, well, no forgive me I got carried away. LOL. The other significant to cross my desk this week, “Conspiracy, Bribery, and Corruption…

Sunday Funny: Another Mash-up!

“BuzzFeed launched the hashtag ‘#90sBookTitles’ with the tweet: ‘The Little Prince of Bel-Air.’ “

Top Twos-Day: Entrepreneurs – Bitcoin, James Patterson and The Bank of Ireland

Been to the bank lately? No reason to, with auto check deposit using a snap of your phone, debit cards and the ease of online bill pay. So, where does Bitcoin find its niche?

Sunday Funny: Jenna’s Facebook page plus tickets and pants for sale!

what if two actors “read” your wallposts?

Special Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving a day away, I am filled with awesome gratitude. My associates…