Wait, Wait, Don’t Show Me!

With self-promotion, we do have to spend a certain amount of time telling. And with telling, we have to be focused, with time and message.


Top Twos-Day: The Big ONE

Now before you reach for your wallet to verify we haven’t lifted it, let me give you the quick and dirty. Just a VOTE. That’s all we need.

Top Twos-Day: Hide and Seek – a Writer’s Game

I keep putting off an update post about the month hiatus I claimed, but catching up on work is taking all my time. Well, it may not be the top two things on anyone else’s desk this week, but certainly on mine. My granddaughter, Sydney’s, birth, after many sleepless nights! Go ahead, say it, “Ain’t […]

Spotlight: Artist, Poet and Short Story Author Leon A. Walker

“I have to find the words to clearly convey to readers exactly what those emotions felt like. And this must be done within the context of a story in a way that justifies such emotions. So, in my view as the storyteller, I am obligated to provide a fearless and truthful impression…”

Fabulous Effective Editing Giveaway

Although the effective editing series ended, and the entry period is closed, the drawing for winners will be held in two weeks on Friday, December 14, by members of the Savvy Wordsmiths…

Arts Magazine open for subs

this venue seeks nonfiction: literature, reviews, interviews, articles, essays, biographies, poetry, fiction, art and photography

effective editing: Three – challenge, compare, and contain

Some things you’re watching for are: punctuation, subject/verb agreement, consistency of voice, consistency with point-of-view and formatting, plus word choice. Remember the beefing up you did when…