Top Twos-Day

Top Two Topics landing on my desk each week – See anything interesting?
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Nah! I’ve Got One Thing On My Mind

Juneteenth Revisited

My Phone’s Adulterous Behavior

Southern Living

A Cause For Celebration, inDEED it may not be.

Dress Blues

Listeria Hysteria and WAG the Dog Food

Forget Facebook, You Have Big Brother Problems!

Amazon scores, Independent Bookstores secure lead


Security Success?

I Spy Homeland Security

Literal Partisan Posturing

Pic a Selfie, post at Wine o’clock!

Samsung Pay, Mind Your Manners

Book Market Watch

Shout Out

Bright Idea

The Big One

Creative Energy!

It’s Settled, NOT!

Survey Shows!


Open and Close causes Colbert War

Writing Opportunities!

Focus on Hemingway and Hawthorne – Priceless!



Oh no you didn’t! *snap*

Too Easy Peasy

Reading Gift!

Supreme Justice?

Securing Foundations


Breakout Year

Sunscribe and Freelance Opportunities!

Hot, On Fire, Fanning the Flame and Success?

No Sherpa needed but keep your eyes peeled!

Entrepreneurs – Bitcoin, James Patterson and The Bank of Ireland

The cost of writing right – would Hemingway be proud?

 When MIT Whispers Do We Listen?

Socially Acceptable

3D Standards

The Judge did what with an EBook?

 It’s still Apples and Amazon

Gobble, Gobble

Fire and Ice


Hide and Seek – a Writer’s Game


Everybody’s Talking

 Stepping Up To The Plate

Short and Not Too Sweet

Make it a double!

Spring has Sprung

Enjoy the Madness

Here We Go A-Publishing

Toss Me a Funny Bone

Bracketing Bookworms

Recommended Reading

Rumor has it

Tsk, Tsk You Publishers!

Unconventional Deals

Seeds of Change

Typical Bedfellows

 Shakespeare on DNA and Stephen King’s Gun Control

Loose Change

Give and Give Some More!

Effective editing winner and a new publishing venture for me!

Bonus Contest and Best Of 2012

Launching Pirate-safe Ships with a Digital Compass

Literary License – trending shows and upcoming mergers

 Kiss and Tell Under the Mistletoe

Frontal Assault – Macmillan and Petraeus’ new acquisitions

e is for evolution- HarperCollins and Cokesbury

Penguin Random House the two shall become one…maybe

Robin Sloan and Kevin Powers dynamic debuts

Presidents and a Military Coup…curious?

Frankfurt Book Fair and National Book Awards announcements

History revisited: gleaning from Orwell and Jefferson

ADHD Awareness Month and Joseph Anton’s Memoir

B is for battle – Poet Clifton and Author Ratner

Contests – Libraries and First Lines

Kickstart a magazine and Poetry Presale

Debuts: The Orchardist and

Power Tool: Duotrope and SPAWN

Explaining Elections: kid sized answers

Fire in the Ashes by Kozol and new tales by Glee’s Colfer

S is for Scientific Art and Seriously (Affordable) Scanning

E-book  Math: for every positive there is a negative

Summer Reading Lists from NPR and Kirkus Reviews

Big Brother? Public Libraries and E-Books

Kindle Owners’ Lending Library and A Death at the White Camellia Orphanage

D C Gallin’s debut and Catherine Ripley returns with additional answers

Appalachian David vs Goliath and debut YA post-apocalyptic

A middle grade fantasy and writer’s fav indie haunts

Healing words from Victoria Sweet and Alison Bechdel

Two equals one – You Are Stardust by Elin Kelsey, images by Soyeon Kim

Debut works: photos by Richard Mosse and layers by Michel Stone

Peter Carey’s newest and another success story for YA’s Adrian Fogelin

Nook’s very big day and YA Galahad series creator’s success

Robert Clark Young and Jane Gross tackle a taboo family topic

Asperger’s an insider’s guide and Blurb publishes books on demand

Onsourcing and downsizing, two fast-growing trends are worlds apart

Music to my ears: Rick Moody’s new release and Poetry Foundations podcasts

The Michelle Norris’ power of words and blogger Anna Newell Jones

Classics from IDW and classy ladies-to-be compliments of Derek Blasberg

Let the children lead us: Disney giant plus Lisa Swerling and Ralph Lazar

Collier’s Magazine and The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

Incredible books from Isabel Wilkerson and Margaree King Mitchell

And the winners are…Steve Ward and Leonard Cohen

Paying it forward – Orangeberry Publishing and Warscapes Magazine

Indie bookstores trending and Carrie Goldman tackles bullies

One winner plus one introvert equals rave reviews

Poetry via Inky Fool and YA author Brittany Geragotelis’s story

Brought to you by the letter g for graphic novel and gluten-free

A thumbs-up and a groan: Simon and Schuster, and The Clever Factory

Debut author Andrew Peterson and YA author Miranda Kenneally



In a joint venture, First Book and book bloggers are kicking off First Book Blogger Book Club. I am excited to participate with dozens of other bloggers in this mission to spotlight Young Adult books,  First Book, and the mission they represent.

Please check monthly to see my reviews, links for First Book, and announcements about this new project.

First Book is a nonprofit group providing books to children with little or no access to books as a way to tackle the literacy problem locally. Community by community, book by book, child by child. First Book is making a difference!


August 2011 News: First Book Announces …

Disney Donates EIGHT MILLION BOOKS to First Book

Read more…





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